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Want to better support your organization’s members and retain revenue?

Your members are under more stress than ever, and social & emotional factors - like depression, anxiety, loneliness, & stress - are having a larger negative impact on individuals and organizations. We can help your members and your organization grow stronger.

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7 Cups of Tea provides emotional support for nonprofit members

Through confidential conversations with trained active listeners and engaging activities, 7 Cups of Tea helps your members build community and overcome challenges.
  • Supports your members when they need it most anonymously, confidentially, and conveniently.
  • Provides a real, meaningful, and valuable member benefit.
  • Reduces member attrition, saving your organization lost membership fees.
  • Alleviates distress due to members not accessing traditional support services.
  • Teach members life skills to help with perseverance, organization, and time management.
  • Easy to implement with your existing website
  • Provides on-demand emotional support via iPhone and Android Apps & Web
  • Organization-branded options available.

How does it work?

Free Smartphone App

Members log in to the web or through a free smartphone app

Trained Listeners

They choose a trained listener they feel comfortable with either another member from your organization or one of the 120,000 trained active listeners and therapists who already use 7 Cups. Or they choose simple, proven, therapeutic exercises.


Members chat about whatever is bothering them all conversations are 100% confidential and anonymous and can be deleted at any time.

In addition to our revolutionary new support service, you’ll also be getting access to a wealth of resources that are all optimized to increase member retention at your organization, including:

Games Games

We’ll give your members access to online games that make the process of overcoming challenges more fun, engaging and relevant to their lives.

Guides Guides

Your members will get access to 32 research-backed guides with advice on dealing with common problems like work and family stress, anxiety, and loneliness.

Training Training

We’ll train your members in active listening. This gives them a skill that will serve them throughout life, while providing an emotional outlet to other members who need someone to listen.

Integration Integration

We’ll integrate 7 Cups with your existing website so that it fits in seamlessly and reinforces your brand.

Community Community

Together, these features will help to create a stronger sense of community and support among your members.

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Our partners include:

  • Active Minds
  • International Bipolar Foundation
  • NAMI Santa Clara
  • Real Life Counseling
  • Help Each Other Out
  • MiraclesOne
  • Samvaidna: The Mental Health Welfare Organization
  • Hope Recovery, Inc.
  • Listening Hearts


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Ready to Get Started?

Create your organization’s Member Support System by requesting a demo. For increased flexibility, custom branding, access to data, single sign-on, and options to better support your members you can upgrade to the premium version.