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Want to better support students and reduce attrition?

Today’s students are under more stress than ever. Social and emotional factors like loneliness, depression, and anxiety are leading causes of student distress and college dropouts.


of young adults who are no longer in college are not attending college because of a mental-health related reason


of college students have been diagnosed with a mental health condition within the past year


of students living with a mental health condition have experienced a mental health crisis on campus


have felt so depressed that it was “difficult to function”


have experienced “overwhelming anxiety”


of college students felt things were “hopeless”

Massachusetts Institute of Technology University of Lethbridge The Steve Fund Virginia Commonwealth University UC Berkeley

7 Cups provides emotional support for students

Through anonymous and confidential conversations with a trained active listeners, 7 Cups helps your students excel socially and academically, while increasing retention at your school.
  • Supports students when they need it most—anonymously, confidentially, and conveniently
  • Provides on-demand emotional support via iPhone and Android Apps & Web
  • Reduces attrition and dropouts, saving your school a fortune in lost tuition
  • Alleviates distress due to students not accessing support services
  • Reach students that normally don’t seek help in traditional ways to minimize campus crisis and violence
  • Teach students life skills to help with perseverance, organization, and time management
  • Help manage wait issues by providing students a level of support while they wait to see their on-campus clinician
  • Increase referrals to on-campus support centers
  • Easy to implement with your existing website and support systems
  • School-branded options available

How does it work?

Free Smartphone App

Students log in to the web or through a Smartphone App.
(Free for students)

Trained Listeners

They choose a trained listener they feel comfortable with—either another student on campus or one of the 220,000 trained active listeners and therapists who already use 7 Cups. Or they choose simple, proven, therapeutic exercises.


Students chat about whatever is bothering them—all conversations are 100% confidential and anonymous and can be deleted at any time

In addition to our revolutionary new support service, you’ll also be getting access to a wealth of resources that are all optimized to increasing student retention at your college, including:

Games Games

We’ll give your students access to online games that make the process of learning about active listening more fun, engaging and relevant to their lives.

Guides Guides

Your students will get access to 15 research-backed guides with advice on dealing with common college problems like bullying, test anxiety, relationships and more.

Training Training

We’ll train your students in active listening. This gives them a skill that will serve them throughout life, while providing an emotional outlet to other students who need someone to listen.

Integration Integration

We’ll integrate 7 Cups with your existing support network so that it fits in seamlessly and reinforces other support options available on-campus.

Community Community

Together, these features will help to create a stronger sense of community and support among your students.

7 Cups will help your school’s culture of awareness and support by:

  • Giving you visibility into mental health needs to add prevention workshops and tailored outreach
  • Providing specific courses that address common student issues like adjusting to college, coping with loneliness, and test anxiety
  • Partnering with on-campus groups like Active Minds and Psi Child to build awareness and extend support to students who are struggling
  • Empowering students at your university to provide support through active listening and peer counseling training
  • Collecting data to improve planning and accreditation reporting
  • Providing 15 research-supported self-help guides that address adjustment to college, test anxiety, coping with loneliness, depression, anxiety, bullying, relationship challenges, and more

Thousands of students are in need of support. but only half of them will seek help and access your mental health services:

50% of students did not access mental health services on campus
of students did not access mental health services on campus
45% stopped attending college
of young adults who stopped attending college because of mental health-related reasons did not request accommodations

People don’t use support services because of 3 main reasons:


They view mental health issues as a source of shame and embarrassment

anonymous and confidential

It’s anonymous and confidential, reducing or eliminating perceived stigma


They’re too busy with class to make a trip to a support center

available on-demand

It’s available on-demand, 24/7, from any computer, tablet, or smartphone


They don’t know about the support available on campus

easy to increase awareness

It’s easy to increase awareness by promotion via emails and flyers

7 Cups mitigates all 3 of these issues

Suicide is the 2nd-leading cause of death on college campuses

Suicide is the 2nd-leading cause of death on college campuses, leading to 1,100 tragic deaths every year

7% of students have seriously considered suicide

7% of students have “seriously considered suicide” during the past year

387 school shootings since 1992

Number of school shootings since 1992, many perpetrated by students with untreated mental illnesses

By encouraging students with depression to seek out school counseling before things go too far, 7 Cups could help you avoid a tragedy on your campus

We make it easy to implement 7 Cups with your existing support systems. By working directly with your students affair and counseling centers, we’ll provide you with:We make it easy to implement 7 Cups with your existing support systems. By working directly with your students affair and counseling centers, we’ll provide you with:

Customizable Templates

An easy-to-follow plan with customized templates


A school-branded solution that’s tailored to your website

Branded Landing Pages

Custom support with branded widgets and landing pages

Affordable Cost

A simple and affordable pricing model with custom quotes

Retain More Revenue

Each lost student costs your school approximately $15,000 per year in revenue and significantly reduces that student’s chance of success in life.

Find out how much revenue 7 Cups could save your school.

# Annual Drop-Outs
% Dropouts Due to Lack of Emotional Support 50%
# Dropouts Due to Lack of Emotional Support
Annual Loss Due to Lack of Emotional Support
7 Cups Decrease in Drop-Out Rate 0.50%
# of Drop-Outs Retained

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Our partners include:

  • Active Minds
  • International Bipolar Foundation
  • NAMI Santa Clara
  • Real Life Counseling
  • Help Each Other Out
  • MiraclesOne
  • Samvaidna: The Mental Health Welfare Organization
  • Hope Recovery, Inc.
  • Listening Hearts


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