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Epitome 17
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   --Hello I’m Rumple--Hello I am happy to see you reading my bio So a bit about me. I have a good sense of humor and love laughing with others. I enjoy spending time with my kids, all my pets and plants. I am also very crafty and creative in concerns to arts-n-crafts. In my free time I have Netflix going on and typically into my plants or doing 1-2 more things. I have had a very abusive past myself. I suffer at times with social anxieties as well as some self esteem issues. And of course the daily life stressor's we all have. I like to share my spare time here and listen to adults/teens on a variety of topics. I can show you empathy, understanding and validation. I however do not feel it's right to give advice to anyone. I feel that it robs you of choice and the freedom to figure out what's best for you.CHATS-I-DO-NOT-TAKEI do not take any sexual chats on any topic-nor do I take any relationship chats--MY TWINNIES--MusicalMagic - such a giving heart and so devoted to helping others hereHeatherBug-She is a blessing in disguisePassionatePeyton - wonderful person, is a great encourager and mod buddyfluffyUnicorns84 - my wonderful mentor buddyArwa - is a wonderful and active listener and my Teen TwinnieCaringBrit- She is wonderful to work with and funnyLucy- Has great insite and funny, good to chat withKrinkTheMellowUnicorn- Great motivator as well as teaching me code--THINGS I DO HERE--*** Adult/Teen Listener*** Teen Mentor*** Group Moderator*** Peer Support*** Internship Mentor*** Leader of the QandA Team*** CML for Mindfulness Team*** Forum Supporter*** Safety Team*** Forum MentorAlways Remember These Things.............Always Believe In Yourself    Accept everyone no matter what  Bad days do pass Always give yourself plenty of love,respect,care and passion  

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