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**Please note changes** I'M  CURRENTLY TAKING A BREAK FROM CHATS AT THIS TIME..... I APOLOGIZE.. HOWEVER, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO BROWSE FOR ANOTHER ONE OF OUR MANY WONDERFUL, AVAILABLE LISTENERS. "BROWSE LISTENERS HERE"   (However, my Pm's are always open if you are  in need of help or assistance "outside" of chats.)~   Hello, Glad you found me here on 7cups of Tea. I am PoliteOcean~ (You can call me "OCEAN")~~ I'm a Spouse, a Parent, and also registered in the Healthcare Field.~  I am also a fitness instructor with a passion for Dance, ZUMBA, & POUND~.... I am here to listen,support and not judge and will be glad to talk with you! I cannot solve all problems but I've gone through many of my own personal issues so perhaps I can help! Please feel free to contact me. If I'm away, please leave me a message. My Pm's are always open.**LISTENING STRENGTHS** *Family Stress *Healthy Living*Parenting *Traumatic Experiences  *CURRENTLY ACTIVE IN***Community Ambassador* Community Mentor Leader* Adult Chatroom Mentor* Forum Mentor*Teen "Chatroom" & Teen "Quality" Mentor* Group Support Quality Mentor* Support Room Mentor* Healthy Living Team ~ (Team Leader)  * Group Moderator* Discussion Trainer*  Welcome Committee* Verified Listening Team *** MY LISTENING TWINS*** **Vivelespatates **MusicalMagic **SouthernFlame  

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