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Mental Health Research Platform

We are making the world a better place through open, honest, and transparent research. Want to join us?

We publish data through a rigorous third-party, peer-review process. Browse published and in-process peer reviewed studies.

We invite members and guests to participate in research studies at no cost. Participating in these studies gets you access to new and innovative ways to address emotional wellness. The research may or may not assist you as an individual directly, but it will enable us learn how to better help people struggling with global and specific challenges. We’ll invite you to participate in studies that are the most relevant to you.

We also invite academics to conduct research on the 7 Cups Open Research Platform. We can provide you with participants, outcome measures, and growth paths to help you answer a variety of research questions. We require that your research is reviewed both by your internal IRB and by our research advisory board. We look forward to working with you.

Contact our research team to learn how you can participate