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Key Values for the 7 Cups of Tea Community

We hold the following values. If you would like to join our team as an employee or listener, then we want you to also hold these same values.

  • Your Work Saves Lives.

    Work with purpose, step up to help others.

  • Grow through the Path of Problems.

    Face problems head on to continually develop, solve the most critical ones in the way.

  • High Expectations & High Warmth.

    Deliver quality work supported through learning, safety, and candor.

  • Accountability.

    Own your work and hold others to theirs, speak up and act .

  • Grit.

    Drive yourself, mental agility to push past barriers.

  • Believe in Equality.

    Value equally everyone's background, work, and ideas; collaborate across teams and levels.

  • Have fun and keep full.

    Enjoy the experience, take care of yourself in order to give back.