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Description of changes to the 7 Cups Journey Category
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Members or Listeners who have Autism
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Introduce Yourself & Say Hello
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What is your story
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Social Experiences and Political Correctness
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Stories of Self Care
share them here!
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Self Care Breaks
Post here to let people know if you are taking a break or moving on from your 7 Cups journey
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Self Care Practices
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Self Care Challenges!
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Updates in February 2018
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Talk to an expert therapist
I have only been speaking with him for two days and his way of questioning so that there is guidance on your part as well as his was so encouraging. That he can show me my issues and help walk me through them by having ME see and identify the issues as well as the healing is absolutely phenomenal. I have spoken to multiple therapists online and not one has gotten close to Luigi's help, and in only the two days we've been speaking! Thank you, Luigi.
Reviewed Mar 21, 2018