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Participate in 7 Cups Research

7 Cups provides free emotional support to any and all that need help. We are constantly interested in better understanding the dynamics of emotional support and wellness. Research into the ways that the 7 Cups community seeks and provides emotional support helps us advance this understanding in order to better provide support.

We partner with academic and industry partners who support our mission to empower every human to care for one another. Our research partners have well-established records in scientific, peer-reviewed research on mental health and wellbeing.

Here are the current opportunities for you to help support mental health research:

Opportunity to participate coming soon!

Want to help researchers understand social media use and mental health?

Many of you play critical roles in helping others by listening. You can also help scientists and researchers to further scientific understanding of mental and emotional health - especially finding new ways of providing support to people exactly when they need it.

Our Data Helps currently collects messages posted publicly to family and friends on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (not private or direct messages), wearable sensor data like FitBit, and workout data like Runkeeper. We don't cover every social media platform and data source yet, but we are working to expand what can be donated. We plan to expand the types of data you can donate in the future (to include things like email). If you sign up, we will update you as we add other networks and data sources.

Donate your social media data with Our Data Helps.


Who can I contact with questions?
Please contact and we will happily answer any questions and provide more details.
How do you use my data?
Please refer to the 7 Cups Terms of Service and 7 Cups Privacy Policy to understand how we use and protect your data.
Why participate in research?
We are scientists, advocates, and researchers interested in shaping the future of mental health research, and with your help we believe we have the ability to make this happen. We hope this research will lead to discoveries that empower every human to care for one another.