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Online Therapy for Cancer Patients

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When you, or someone you love, is diagnosed with cancer, it's frightening. It's a diagnosis no one ever wants to hear. Remember that you're not alone. When you or a loved one receives this diagnosis, it's time to seek support. Our online therapists can be part of that support system. We offer online counseling for cancer patients or for those whose loved one is diagnosed with cancer.

The physical toll

Cancer is an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in your body. These cells can invade nearby tissues and spread throughout the body. This attack on the body will inevitably take a physical toll, and cancer treatments such as chemotherapy can also take a lot out of someone. The physical strain is tough, and even though it's hard to ask for help, lean into your support system. They want to be there for you in difficult times as well as good.

The mental toll

As you cope with a diagnosis and start fighting cancer, it's easy to fall into a negative mindset. You'll hear it time and time again because it's true, but positivity can be a crucial weapon in the battle against cancer. A positive mental outlook will help you deal with the difficult aspects of this disease. When the struggle to stay positive gets to be overwhelming, remember you can always turn to our online therapists to give you the boost you need.

Speaking to an online therapist about cancer

If you or a loved one was diagnosed with cancer, let us be part of your support network. Our therapists will listen and help you stay positive through the pain, treatment, and anything else that comes your way. No matter how strong your support team is, using our online counseling services and resources will strengthen it further.

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Recent Reviews

“A rare, sympathetic listening ear; with a genuine desire to help.”

Received: September 13th
Therapist: @LisaMeighanMScMBPsS

“Excellent listener and therapist”

Received: September 1st
Therapist: @TracyKateTelekePsyD

“She is a godsend.”

Received: September 1st
Therapist: @LisaGroeszPhD