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Cancer is an extremely taxing disease, and it doesn't help that chemotherapy, one of the most common treatments, is draining both mentally and physically. The combination of the side effects of cancer itself combined with the side effects of chemotherapy and other treatments can take an enormous toll. That's why we offer online counseling for patients going through chemotherapy .

Pain and physical changes

The side effects of chemotherapy can be immediate. You may feel tired, possibly experience pain, nausea, and vomiting, or experience hair loss. These symptoms, along with coping with the news of a cancer diagnosis, can be exhausting. Staying positive may seem like a difficult feat, but it's as important as ever in this situation. Having someone to talk to during your emotional turmoil can be an immense stress reliever.


The process of going through chemotherapy can wear on someone's well-being and patience. Even though you know the treatment is what your body needs, it's still an emotional and physical burden. It's normal to feel stressed, and it's important to not bottle up your emotions and shove them away. Now is the time to lean on others to help you get through this. No matter how difficult things get, know that chemotherapy is there to help you feel better in the long run, and your support system will be there every step of the way.

Online counseling for chemotherapy patients

You shouldn't have to endure the burden of chemotherapy on your own. Let our therapists strengthen your support system by listening to everything you're going through and counseling you during your treatment. The physical and mental benefits of having someone to lean on during your treatment can't be understated, and we're happy to offer those benefits to you through our online counseling services.

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“Lisa has been amazing! I always felt heard, never judged and always left conversations feeling like I had another way to see a situation in a positive light and not carry so much negativity in myself. Over the past year, which has had many ups and downs, I always felt like Lisa helped me through and get a handle on some of the darkest moments. Thank you so much for helping me move forward!!! 😊”

Received: July 2nd
Therapist: @LisaDeRegtMBPsS

“She's been really helpful since the first day. She can keep up with your thoughts and wont skip over anything. I feel really good about her advice and she asks good questions. ”

Received: July 1st
Therapist: @HalaymaKhatunDiplomaCounselor

“Picks important issues to discuss, even in long rambling messages you yourself might not completely understand. ”

Received: June 29th
Therapist: @MeredithSeltzerLPC