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Everyone experiences grief, but when we’re going through grief, it can feel isolating and endless. It’s easy to feel as if the heartache, emotional weight, and even physical symptoms will never pass, allowing life to return to its normal state. But grieving is a process that cannot be ignored and has to be passed through in order to find relief. 7 Cups offers online grief therapy and support to help those dealing with grief to navigate the journey feeling supported and comforted.

Grief is instigated by a loss, whether that be physical, such as the absence of a loved one, or emotional, such as the loss of a goal or dream. The sadness and despair that wraps around us is natural, but it can feel like it’s going to tear us apart before is dissipates.

The Physical Side of Grief

Though most people understand grieving is emotional, we are often unprepared for the physical symptoms that can set in. Things like aches and pains, trouble sleeping or sleeping too much, fatigue, headaches, confusion, digestive issues, and lowered immunity can weigh us down when we’re already trying to navigate tricky emotional waters. Working through grief will often help these symptoms resolve, leaving us feeling freer and healthier once again.

The Stages of Grief

Experts urge people to understand that grieving is a process that will bring on different emotions at any point. Researchers have identified five stages, including denial and isolation, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. These do not always happen in order and a person can move between stages several times before grief resolves.

Grief Therapy and Support with 7 Cups

7 Cups exists to aid you in any emotional journey. It can be extremely helpful to talk through the feelings grief is bringing on and to identify exactly what it is that we’re grieving and why. Many of our therapist have expertise in this area and understand it's complex and personal nature. Please feel free to speak with us today if you’re in need of online grief therapy and view our online grief guide to learn more about grieving in a healthy way.

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