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A loss is, unfortunately, an inevitable part of life - at some point, everyone will experience loss of some kind, whether it's a loss of a job, a sentimental item, a spouse through divorce or the death of a loved one. If you or a loved one is going through a loss, 7 Cups offers online therapy to guide you through this difficult time.

Grieving is Healthy

Grief should not be suppressed. You may feel the desire to “be strong” during this time and try to hide your emotions. But in order to heal, you need to grieve and let your emotions out, whether they be sadness, anger, loneliness, or even guilt. This can be daunting to do on your own, so it is beneficial to talk to a therapist to guide you through the grieving process. They can help you understand your emotions and deal with them in a healthy way.

Living Your Life Again

If you're grieving the loss of a loved one, it's okay to admit that your life won't be the same anymore without them. You don't have to “let go” of them either. Their memory will always be a part of you, and it's completely normal and healthy to look back on the times you've had with them throughout your life. Depending on the moment and the memory, this might make you feel joy for having gotten to experienced it or a deep sense of missing and regret. Even when someone loses a person not particularly close to them, especially in the case of a parent, conflicting emotions arise of “what could have been” and lack of closure.

Immediately after your loss, grief will likely follow you every day. Eventually, the intense feelings you have, while never fully go away, will subside enough for you to successfully move forward. Continuously trying to shoulder the burden of grief puts you in danger of negatively impacting your daily functioning.

Online Therapy with 7 Cups

If you're going through a loss, let the online therapists at 7 Cups help you through it. We can be a sounding board for your emotions while also giving you the tools you need to grieve in a healthy way and live your life again.

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