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Recent Reviews

“LIsa's a very patient and attentive person. We've been talking for nearly two years and she's helped me through a lot of tough issues. She's very accommodating, kind, non-judgemental and has been really good to me. I need to move on with my life now but I'll never forget her and the work she's done. 10/10”

Received: February 1st
Therapist: @LisaDeRegtMBPsS

“Traci is an exceptionally kind, attentive therapist. She invariably asks helpful, illuminating questions, and has provided me with guidance in navigating various challenges in my life. I am very grateful for the assistance she has provided me over the past few weeks.”

Received: January 31st
Therapist: @TraciSeeryLMFT

“Very understanding and gave me solutions to solve my problems.”

Received: January 30th
Therapist: @ChristinaDeLuciaLPC