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Online Therapy for Impulsivity

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We all have impulsive moments, whether it be buying something extra at the grocery store in the check out line or a spontaneous outing with friends. This is perfectly normal and can often be fun and lead to new experiences! However, sometimes excessive impulsive behavior or harmful impulsive behavior can be a detriment to someone's physical and mental wellbeing. If you have trouble controlling impulses, the online therapists at 7 Cups can help.

Effects of Lack of Impulse Control

When someone lacks control of their impulses, they often don't consider the consequences of their actions. These consequences can cause undue hardship in your life. Financial consequences are a common problem for people lacking impulse control. They constantly buy things regardless of debt or current ability to afford the things they want. These financial issues can lead to stress and anxiety, which can cause more unnecessary purchases, and the cycle begins.

People with impulse control issues can also negatively affect their careers and relationships and lead to other destructive behaviors. For instance, someone with impulse control issues may fall into substance abuse and decide to stay home from work to drink or use drugs instead, not considering the consequences of the decision that might endanger their job.

Online Therapy with 7 Cups

Whatever impulse control issues you're trying to overcome, seeking therapy can help you do it.

By working with a therapist, you can get to the root of why you feel the need to act impulsively and learn how to handle your impulses in a healthy way. Please don't hesitate to contact the online therapists at 7 Cups to start your path toward living a more balanced, secure life. We're happy to help.

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