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No one should have to experience physical abuse in their relationships. But, unfortunately, millions of people do. Being physically abused isn't your fault and you don't need to overcome it alone. At 7 Cups, our kind and caring counselors are here to offer you the support you need to get through this time and help you seek safety. Our online therapy for people who are currently in or recovering from physical abuse can help you reclaim your life.

If you're currently in an abusive relationship and your safety is at risk, call 911 or contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline for discreet, immediate assistance. If you are afraid your computer may be monitored, you can contact the hotline at 1?800?799?7233.

The Psychological Impact of Physical Abuse

Experiencing physical abuse for any amount of time can have far-reaching psychological effects. People who have been physically abused may suffer from PTSD, low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, or eating disorders later in life. Constant fear of abuse or lack of safety can also keep a person from ever settling down into a happy and fulfilling life that is free from psychological stress.

Freedom in Recovery

While it takes time to heal, it is possible for people who have been physically abused to find freedom in recovery. Although it is often difficult for victims of violence to discuss their feelings, thoughts, and emotions, working through traumatic memories with a therapist can help people process past events, reframe their current mindset, and heal from previous experiences of physical abuse.

Online Therapy with 7 Cups

Online therapy with 7 Cups can help people overcome the psychological effects of physical abuse. In talking with a compassionate therapist or counselor, people can work to overcome feelings of shame, fear, and powerlessness and regain their sense of safety and self-esteem. A caring 7 Cups therapist is available now to provide a listening ear and help you overcome the lasting effects of physical abuse.

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