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Online Therapy for Survivors of Physical Abuse

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The effects of physical abuse can extend beyond the visible. People who experience physical abuse can often suffer from psychological issues as a result, which can impact their day to day functioning. 7 Cups provides online counseling for people who are recovering from physical abuse so they can reclaim their lives and move forward.

The Psychological Impact of Physical Abuse

Experiencing physical abuse for any amount of time can have multiple psychological effects. People who have been physically abused may be at higher risk for PTSD, low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, or eating disorders. A fear of abuse or lack of a sense of safety can also keep make it hard for some to feel that they can settle down into a fulfilling life that is free from this stress.

Freedom in Recovery

It is possible for people who have been physically abused to work towards recovery. Although it is often difficult for victims of violence to discuss their feelings, thoughts, and emotions, working through traumatic events and memories with a therapist can help people process past events, reframe their current mindset, and heal.

Online Counseling for Survivors of Physical Abuse with 7 Cups

Online therapy with 7 Cups can help people talk about the psychological effects of physical abuse. In talking with a compassionate therapist, people can work to overcome feelings of shame, fear, and powerlessness and regain their sense of safety and self-esteem. A caring 7 Cups therapist is is available to provide a listening ear.

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Therapist: @AndreaTuckLCPC

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