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As joyful as finding out you're expecting can be, being pregnant is often not easy. While some women seem to breeze right through it with no problems, most women suffer physical and psychological difficulties throughout the process. Even those that seem to have things easy may feel insecure about their rapidly changing figure, unsure of how a new baby will change things, and scared about the physical aspects of labor and delivery. All of these things are normal, and 7 Cups offers compassionate online counselors and therapists to help women through them.

Challenges of Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a challenging time for many women. On one hand, a woman may feel excited about meeting her new baby. At the same time, however, she may also be nervous about delivery, worried that she won't be a good mom, how to cover the costs of having a baby, or unsure of how it will change her relationship with her spouse or how it will affect her career. If the pregnancy was unexpected, a woman might also be struggling with her options. Online counseling can help women address common challenges during pregnancy including body image, symptoms, expectations, anxiety, depression, and traumatic past experiences with miscarriage or delivery.

Finding Support

Finding trustworthy and reliable support is key to overcoming the many challenges of pregnancy. A therapist can provide a listening ear when it's needed most and help women reframe negative attitudes and beliefs about childbirth, child-rearing, or themselves as mothers. Therapy is also an essential part of preparing for the transition into the postpartum period, as this adjustment can also be difficult for many women.

Online Counseling with 7 Cups

Pregnancy should be a time to cherish the impending arrival of a bundle of joy. However challenging it may be personally, a 7 Cups therapist or counselor can provide supportive care to help women adjust to the physical changes and sort through the conflicting emotions. Our online therapy is convenient, affordable, and anonymous.

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