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Online Therapy for Purging

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Recent Reviews

“Melissa is great, always willing to listen and to change the approach based on what I need. She also responds frequently and I enjoyed talking to her. Warmly recommended!”

Received: November 11th
Therapist: @MelissaStraussLPC

“Was very quick at analyzing situations and identifying underlaying issues. Was helpful to have perspective on life events and was very straight forward in her approach. Thank you again!”

Received: November 7th
Therapist: @ParvathyVenugopalMSc

“Dr. Graham has been an incredible supporter through my journal of recovery. His therapeutic resources and techniques are admirably effective and efficient with such timely results. With his help, I've gained balance in my life more and more every day while earning more peace and energy within myself. He's an amazing therapist and I can guarantee this with all the posivity I've gained from our collaboration.”

Received: November 7th
Therapist: @GrahamBarroneICHP