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Making the decision to have children is a life-changing choice, and if you've been wanting to bring a new life into the world, chances are you've thought it through. Many couples work hard to avoid getting pregnant until they're ready, so when a couple has trouble conceiving, it can be a heartbreaking shock. To assist you in handling these difficult emotions, let the online counselors help relieve your burden and offer you guidance.

Getting the News

Being told you probably may not conceive a child naturally is devastating news to couples, and while it's no-one's fault, feelings of failure and a sense of loss are common. The question that immediately follows the news is often, what's next? Seeking support can be an extremely beneficial next step. Not only can a counselor talk you through the myriad emotions you feel after getting the news, but they can also be ongoing support for you moving forward. Trouble trying to conceive can put pressure on a relationship, and a counselor can help you communicate with your partner.


Having trouble conceiving doesn't mean that having children is no longer possible. Talking with a counselor and getting emotional support can help you work through your emotions and help you feel open to exploring other options when you are ready.

Online Counseling with 7 Cups

If you've received the news that you have fertility obstacles, you don't have to face your emotions alone. Let our online counselors help you, and your partner, through this time in your life. We're happy to lend our ears and offer you advice on what to do next.

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“She responds in a timely matter. She is knowledgeable about my issues/problems. She understands what I’m going through in my life!”

Received: June 25th
Therapist: @ShareenBirgesBASSCounGDYMH

“She is very helpful, everything she says is very well thought out and she takes time to talk every day.”

Received: June 23rd
Therapist: @AlisonHumphreysLCPC

“Lauren is not only a great listener, but she has insight as to what is really going on. She is great at helping formulate safety plans and helping you understand when you are being manipulated by an individual. Without her advice, I honestly don’t know that I would have survived the encounter, or at least, I likely would have reverted to the same unhealthy pattern, to my detriment. Thank you, Lauren!”

Received: June 21st
Therapist: @LaurenBrodyCounsellor