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What is the 7Cups PFA Team?

7Cups PFA Team 3

The basic objective of the 7Cups PFA Team is to administer Psychological First Aid (PFA) online to those whose lives have been touched by a disaster (we’ll call them survivors) with the purpose of helping them feel safe, stable, connected, and empowered. Many times, brief contact with another human in the wake of a disrupting event will keep survivors from developing serious trauma. The opportunity to process what happened, make sure they are alright, and think about what must be done next can keep people putting one foot in front of the other when they might otherwise lose control.

To date, PFA has always been done by trained helpers who travel to the actual disaster site. Much of this “in-person PFA” involves making contact with survivors, asking if they need help, and ensuring their safety. Through the 7Cups listener interface, however, the survivors will be the ones contacting you and asking for help, and you will not be in a position to ensure their safety. So the tables will be turned, but you will be in no less of a place to help. In fact, you will be able to provide the individual attention that overwhelmed PFA workers on the ground may not be able to afford. You can also direct them to online aides and guides, to which the other PFA workers may not have immediate access.

The bottom line is: we think online and in-person PFA can work well together to help people. If you want to do the “boots on the ground” stuff, go for it! (This just is not the site for you.) But if you want to reach those suffering from disasters you won’t get to in person, please join our team by completing this training.

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