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Breaking up with a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife can be incredibly challenging. We can spend months or years getting close to a person, wrapping our life up in their life, and then find that we are no longer compatible. The pain of staying together can be greater than the pain of breaking up. This pain is very real. The Holmes Stress Scale, on a scale of 1-100, puts divorce or breakups at a 73. Breaking up is more stressful than going to jail, losing a close family member, or being fired from a job. Often times when we are really close to someone we make room in our heart for that person. They feel like they are a part of us. When they leave, or we leave them, it can feel like we’ve lost a part of ourselves. There is no quick fix or remedy for a breakup. Often it takes close and accepting friends, a shoulder to cry on, and time to heal the wound. We understand what it is like to go through a breakup. Talking to someone about a divorce or breakup can really help. If you’d like to lean on us for a little extra support, then please connect with one of our listeners. Many of us have been through it and would be honored to listen and support you in the healing process.

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Reviewed Nov 26, 2020

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