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Talk to someone online about Financial Stress

Financial problems can be enormously stressful.If you live with a financial stress, you can argue with family members about money, have headaches or panic attacks, hiding bills or receipts to other members of your family or have difficulty to sleep. You may believe you are the only one in this situation, or feel guilty or regret the choices you’ve made in the past. There may be an end to your financial stress.The question of finances is a very personal thing but talk about your worries can help you see your situation more objectively. we have listeners who can support you in your efforts to find a solution.

Talk to an expert therapist about financial stress
Jennie is prompt and thorough. She reads everything in detail and replies accordingly. I am hoping to get some positive inputs from her. 😊
Reviewed Apr 20, 2021

or talk to one of our listeners:


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Talk to an expert therapist about financial stress
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I like to help others because I think this is the best thing to do to ...
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“I am new and first I wasn't sure this was for me but after start taking they made it so much easier for me to just let it all out one step at a time like talking to someone I know for a very long time ”

Received: April 21st
Listener: @vivalaresistance

“respectful listener and great advice!!”

Received: April 21st
Listener: @Shunke

“KindEnergy as the nickname suggests. ”

Received: April 21st
Listener: @kindEnergy123