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Talk to someone online about Parenting

Are you a parent feeling overwhelmed by all the responsibilities associated with raising a child? Do you find yourself at a loss with regard to how best to parent your child? Raising a child is no easy task and is often accompanied by uncertainty and stress. At 7 Cups of Tea, our listeners are ready and waiting to listen as you talk to them about your situation and how stressful parenting can be. Follow up your conversation with the Parenting Guide, which will help you understand why children misbehave as well as how to increase the positive, give effective commands, and administer time outs.

Talk to an expert therapist about parenting
Graham has been helpful and understanding. Words that I didn’t know I need to hear give me a lot of strength.
Reviewed Jan 19, 2021

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I would love to know your problems. Feel free to tell me your problems...
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I got help from my family and friends when I was in need. I am very fo...
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Hello, I’m XoniraX I enjoy talking with others, I’ve dealt with so...
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Hi everyone, I am someone who has had a fair share of problems and ten...
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Talk to an expert therapist about parenting
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Well I have been depressed and I have had extremely bad times... But t...
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Recent Reviews

“Absolute sweetheart, talk to her for a pep talk or to feel good ☀️”

Received: January 21st
Listener: @Imallears101

“Alfie is super nice, helpful and kind. He’s a super awesome listener. I would definitely recommend ”

Received: January 21st
Listener: @AlfieJoy

“Love it, Great Liatener”

Received: January 21st
Listener: @essekar