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☆ 7 Cups is not equipped to support crisis situations. If you are experiencing suicidal ideation and want help you should talk to a licensed therapist. If you are in crisis please reach out to a crisis line for appropriate support. Click here for the list

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Hey there! It's me, your safe and helpful station to talk. Whenever, wherever I'm here to listen to you. Why don't we start now? 

click HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE for some calming music

Online Status:
Green: I am free and available to have a chat with you! Don't doubt texting me! ♡
Orange: I may be having a chat with someone else or working in community activities. But you can leave me a message! ♡ (My timezone is GMT+3)
Red: I am not online. You can leave me a message, though. And I'll text you back as soon as possible! ♡ (My timezone is GMT+3)

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Get to know me...
I am a 16 years-old highschool student. I'm from Turkey, I speak Turkish, English and Italian, also learning Spanish and French. Drawing, listening to rock/ metal music, singing, playing violin/guitar, dancing, acting, learning new languages, reading, philosophy and psychology, maths & science are some of my interests. My goal is to be a psychiatrist in the future. (And I'm an INTP, if anyone's interested! :p)

This place is not only a web site for me, I've been here since 2016 and these 3 years made me a different person, helped me to see the life in different point of views. So if you are reading this now, I can assure you that now you are safe.

Make a Wish

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My precious listener twins: 
Number of Ratings: 37
Number of Reviews: 31
Listens to Teens
Languages English, Italian, Turkish
Listener Since Jul 3, 2018
Last Active in last 6 months
Gender Female
Progress Path Step 821
Cheers 26,391
People Helped 111
Chats 279
Group Support Chats 22
Listener Group Chats 17
Forum Posts 256
Forum Upvotes 332
Feedback & Reviews
she is very good
really good, understandable and could relate to everything said. gave a great talk and helped me be more positive :)
They’re super nice and helpful! Great listener.
Very helpful, supportive and friendly chat!
Great person to talk to. Very kind. I have not talked much but seems nice
She was really lovely. She didn’t judge me at all. I had doubts about myself but I guess it’s more clear now thanks to her
It's nice to talk to some one like this
The listener made me feel better whithin a few minutes and helped me go through my thoughts.
Really attentive and listened well, they were really understanding and helped me a lot 💕
Really good listener
This listener was amazing! as my first one, they were amazing to start out with and show me how the community works
She’s a very good listener, I love you and I always will. Thank you Nyx!
Really good listener, and good at understanding your problem. Would totally recommend!!
So kind and helpful I can't put how I am feeling in words! so so soooo amazing!
Very nice. Knows what to say.
She helped me out so much! Listened to me when I needed to be heard and asked me questions that made me reflect on myself so I could find the answers I needed. 10/10 recommend her
Helped me a lot, when I felt helpless without any judgement.
Really good, caring and kind listener!
Very good listener who dosnt judge❤️❤️❤️
They were super insightful. They even offered to talk to me again! I felt less conflicted after I let out my feelings to them. They were super supportive about it! They were amazing!
An understanding and a loving person.
Amazing helped me so much and talked me through my problems
Great advice, truly helped! - Kami
Pretty good, no sugar-coating. Nothing
Talking to this listener made me feel a lot better. Thank you, Nyx.
You're a good listener and you're really nice person, keep doing what you do now!
Thanks you are good
Very kind and thoughtful
Great helper
I have talked to Hygieia once, and my experience talking with her was amazing. She made me feel so comfortable and good about myself and I opened up to her more than I have with my own family. She was so professional, and though she told me she was only a listener, she helped me a lot. I felt so relieved after talking with her. 👍🏼😁
This listener helped me express and talk about what I feel and what others feel about their situations.
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