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"Every life is a pile of good things and bad things. The good things don't always soften the bad things but the bad things don't always spoil the good things and make them unimportant."

I am Skye, I speak fairly good tamil, and if you like, you can call me Bhagya so Hey you!

I am also super duper very much on break right now (A levels, wish me luck!). Hope you find another lovely listener, friend! And I am proud of you for being here~ Asking for help takes just as much courage as offering help. 

On a side-mushy-note, know that I miss this place every single day with every inch of my tiny fist-sized heart. (no one can say I'm not the most accuratest of the accurate #Skyentist) ♥

psst. I promise I'll be back ♥

Number of Ratings: 50
Number of Reviews: 37
Listens to Over 18
Languages English
Listener Since Aug 15, 2015
Last Active over 6 months ago
Gender Female
Progress Path Step 43
Cheers 231,323
People Helped 109
Chats 2,082
Group Support Chats 965
Listener Group Chats 1,163
Forum Posts 702
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Feedback & Reviews
The most wonderfulest listener I've ever had
Skye was absolutely amazing. She related to me and replied back instantly. And when she wouldn't respond right away, it was because she would send back a very long response which showed me how caring she is. She's a great listener and I am so blessed that I was able to talk to her. Thanks to her, I feel great about myself and I didn't relapse. Skye is the best.
Amazing listener, such a caring personality and silly, of course only at the right time. She has such empathy for everyone and is always there for you. She makes a great listener if you don't need a live chat :-)

You are like so amazing you are amazinger then anyone i know. You always know how to make me smile when im sad and make me laugh. You accept me for me and you dont know how much that means because most people hate me xD Talking to you has mad me feel safe and special and i cant thankyou enough. I care about you as though you are an older sister. you know i wouldn't be alive still if it wasnt for you. Also, you are a super great mod and this website would be lost without you!!! I am here for you if you ever have bad days!!! i will always be here for you!! Love you sooooooo much!! I hope i never loose you
Skyeee bae , you are seriously the best , sweetest , kindest , most helpful and AMAZING listener everrrrr ♥ I can tell you absolutely anything and you're so supportive and never judgemental ! You're also so lovely , funny and caring and extremely easy to talk to ! You always know what to say , how to make my day and how to put a smile on my face :) ! Thank you so much for being there for me ! You're a truly AMAZING friend ! Ly ♥
She's the only person I've truly opened up to. She is so nice and caring
Skye was the most amazing listener. She made me feel like she really understood what I was going through with my eating disorder and she helped me to try to look at recovery differently. She is absolutely amazing and wonderful and the best. Thank you so much Skye your support and kindness means so so much to me.
It is like talking to a friend so kind and helpful
Amazing! You probably changed my life. I know it sounds cheesy but it's true. Because of the support you gave me, I will jow go get the help I need. You are the best listener I've talked to and I'm so glad that I decided to talk to you. You truly made a difference.
help me even when I thought I was alone
Very understanding, kind and gives very insightful remarks to help you understand what you are going through. Is very compassionnate and caring.
she extremely helpful nice great cares
skye was nice help
Extremely lovely listener. She gives amazing advise and is comforting. I recommend talking to her :)
She made me smile. She gave me a reason to smile. She made me happy. Is there any better thing than that???
Very helpful! \( ^.^ )/
A lovely person to talk to
Skye is very kind, amazing with listening to what you have to say and relates which is comforting. Overall they're amazing for my first time on this website. Thanks Skye c:
It really helped me so much . You always wrote long answers , that was really good. Its nice to know that you go/been trough the same. You gave me so much positive energy , i feel less alone now. Thank you so so so so much for that
You're really amazing, and honestly you're the best I talked to so far , the world needs more people like you, thanks a lot .
Skye was super helpful and super understanding if you want to talk to someone polite nice and helpful skye is the person for you (:
She/He was really helpful to me and helped me a lot.
They were really nice and made me feel better.
Put a smile on me face c:
Very helpful and empathetic
She was great, totally relatable and replies quickly.
Incredibly nice and helpful!!
Skye was perfect she really understood what I was goin through and she even calmed me down its nice to know that she is in this community helping people like she helped me! she should just keep doing what she's doing because she's and ace !!!
Compassionate, professional and sweet. I really felt better after talking. Give this listeners a change, you won't regret!!
Skye was soooo helpful!! Really a great person
We need more people like Skye in this world.
Thank u Skye^^
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