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Currently Unavailable for 1-on-1 Chats

Due to work, grad school, and working on personal development, I don't have the time to take full length chats at the moment. Sometimes it takes me a few days to respond; other times a few weeks. Please do seek one of other amazingly wonderful listeners at this time. 

I'm still around, however! You're always free to tag me @AdVictoriam in any forum post or send me a message as long as it's an non-urgent matter.

You've made it this far and you've fought so hard to get here. Step by step. 

With Love, 


My Introduction to You, Dear Warrior

Welcome to 7 Cups of Tea. I'm glad you found me :)

I'm AdVictoriam.  My  chats primarily focus on personal development and relationship coaching, whether the relationship is with friends, family, or loved ones. You can see my full list of categories below my profile intro. 

"Unbent, unbowed, unbroken" is one of my favorite mottos because no matter what happens to me, I have the right to not let it break me. I'm here because I want to "pay it forward" and help others get through their struggles.

On Relationships: I believe that there are different types of love, and our relationships and connections aren't only about the romantic kind! It's super important to have all four types, and not focus on just one type :)





This blog post does a good job explaining the four loves

Essie is my personal mentor, listener, and rock. If you can't reach me for some reason, you can contact her as well.

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Feedback & Reviews
This dude, is amazing. she is the best.
This listener was so great... they actually listened to my problem and gave me some good advice on how to deal with it. I'm so grateful for this conversation!
Incredible listener. Cared for me a lot and was insightful with things which were bothering me
One of the best listener on the site. They are very attentive, caring, wise and intuitive. It's so nice to know that people like them exist & I could probably talk to them for hours & hours as they have an amazing, fun personality. I feel grateful that I get to speak to them & they've helped me in many ways. Thanks for everything, Ad. You're the best
Amazing listener with great advice about life !!
You are awsome
he is bae.
Thanks for your time, Ad. I appreciate it more than I can express.
Thank you for patiently listening to my relationship issues Ad, you're an awesome listener. And a relationship expert, i really appreciate your time listening to me even though it was late at night, * hugs*
Great listener !!!
Outstanding. Relationship guru. In one chat he provided more relief than months of professional therapy. What a breath of fresh air.
Very helpful! Thanks :)
Advic is like a best friend to me. Advic helped me so much, she is a great listener and helped me with all my issues. I honestly feel like he will always be there for me. Thank you advice, you my girl
Very kind and sweet person
Great mod. Very understanding, helpful and encouraging. Thanks for your support :)
So patient and non judgemental . great guy
AdVic is an honest and honorable person, he deserves a place among the mods because I believe he is fair, more than other mods I have witnessed. he honestly cares for those he deals with.
Awesome person!
This listener was very helpful, they understood exactly what I was trying to communicate. They were very empathetic and understanding, and I came away feeling much better and very relieved. I feel calmer and I know how to handle my situation. Thank you AdVictoriam!
I appreciate your time and understanding. :)
The first listener I can say I truly love. AdVictoriam has saved my life in a couple of ways now. I don't think he'll ever know what he means to me because I can't express it, there aren't words invented yet for that sort of appreciation. I don't think he'll ever know what a shining light he is in the mercurial darkness of self harm. Beauty, love, compassion in this world are an axiom, evidenced by his never ending capacity for care.
There to help me when I really needed it.
Thank you once again. You're awesome.
Ad was really sweet and understand what I was going through! He made me feel a lot better after our chat. Thank you so much Ad, you're an angel! (:
A very kind individual, full of compassion and understanding. No pressure, just an empathetic listener.

Highly recommended!
Thank you very much. You're kind, resourceful, and caring. Each time we chat I leave feeling like I've grown a bit more. I appreciate your time very much.
I would like to thank him/her so much for listining to me u are a very nice personne
Thanks. You're awesome. I appreciate you taking the time with me.
i loved talking to him
Very patient and helpful. I know the next step very well.
Greatly helpful and enjoyable listener to chat with! Provides you with ideas to reflect during every chat and always summarizes information you've provided to ensure the information you've conveyed is coming across properly.
Thanks for listening and making me view things in a more positive way.
Open minded and patient, overall a very good experience that surprised me.
I am still in the middle of a chat which has been both much longer and notably more helpful than I was expecting on my first visit to the site. He has been a wonderful introduction to the site and I fully plan to return!
you are like baymax awesome
Helped me in a very casual, understanding manner and the conversation was very uplifting. :)
Thank you~
Ah, don't even know what I could say about this listener to give them justice, but I'll try. They were able to keep a level head, and they helped me to work to my own answers. They didn't just say the things I wanted to hear; they were kind, compassionate, reflective, understanding, and they totally helped me to feel better tonight. Thank you, for simply being you. For anyone reading this, talk to this listener; they're absolutely fab. -xx
An angel. Thank you so much for all your support and kind words.
Excellent listener, encouraged me to question myself to find out what it was that really bothered me and brought me closer to understanding the reasons behind my feelings and actions.
Definitely needed this. Just talking about it thoroughly, getting it in order and such, helped a lot. Thank you!
This listener was so very helpful. Kind, polite, patient, thorough, and thoughtful. I truly hope this person is in the helping professions because it is where they belong.
great Listener and support
Amazing listener! Extremely helpful and supportive!
very professional and helpful
Thank you. Very professional and has appropriate ideas.
Great listener
Amazing help. I had no idea what to expect when I requested a chat but this has helped me beyond what I thought possible.
Excellent and very understanding
This is the best and most helpful listener I have ever talked with on 7 Cups of Tea. He took all of my problems and worked with me to help sort things out. If you are looking for someone to get you through a rough time in your life, this is a great person to chat with. Thank you so much for everything you did for me.
Fantastic listener and analyzer.
Incredibly professional, polite and honest. They take an analytical question approach and help one think of their own answers rather than lead. that's good regarding leading someone to a conclusion. Yet, it leads me to be curious. What are they thinking, and how they are feeling...regardless, this person is focused and dedicated.
Amazing. Simply amazing. I'm getting help to get my life back together
Was A good experience .
Thank you for the question app info. Between 7 cups and that I know I'll work things out!
Best listener ever. Able to use logic and reason to come up with the best solution to problems especially those related to cultural differences. Very bright person and very thoughtful. Would recommend him to anyone.
Extremely helpful, really good at talking through and analyzing situations. Tries to understand and gives resources. The first listener I've communicated with since I got the app yesterday and a great start!
Very helpful. I finally have someone who I can talk to again & it's nice.
A gem of a person. Very thoughtful, patient and kind with words.
he was very nice and knowleagable
Awesome person to chat with
Likes to make you think. Asks you hard questions, but they are the kind to jostle you back into reality. Very helpful.
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