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"Keep your face always toward the sunshine and shadows will fall behind you" --Walt Whitman

Relax. Take a nice, deep, long breath... and just let it all out. there you go. It's going to be alright. just focus on this for now and let everything else go. You just survived 12 seconds, all you have to do now is take life 12 seconds at a time. and whenever you just feel like you can't even take that; that's why I'll always be here, to help you through every obstacle that seems too large to defeat heart
About Me!!!
Hey there beautiful people <3. I'm Angel XD
from the day I joined 7 cups I have always wanted to create a little corner where everyone can just forget about everything in life that kind of sucks to just take a moment to breathe. no matter who you are and what your little amazing quirks are, I want to help be a backbone to those who need someone to just be THERE! 
 I've been through a lot and personally, I didn't have anyone to help through that. I believe that everyone is amazing and has the ability to do great things and most people myself included doubt their selves. You don’t need to have certain characteristics to be special, and you certainly don’t need a specific look to be beautiful <3. I just wanted to create a little space here on 7 cups where you can feel safe, confident, and loved! I will always be there for you, I may not solve your problems but I'll be right there with you so we could pass that obstacle together! always remember that no matter what your problem is it's never too big or too small, we all go through things and they all are problems that do matterheart.
If I'm online then please feel free to start a chat if I'm not, leave me a message and I'll reply to you as soon as I can😊!
 I'm here for you through whatever, whenever. I will stand by you no matter what ❤️



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Feedback & Reviews
Loved the chat, highly highly recommend this listener. She made me feel wanted for the first time in my life, I felt safe and I knew for sure that everything would be okay just cause she’s right there with me, I felt that I finally had a friend so thank you so much
Very good helped me calm down
The first second I entered angel made me feel so safe. I have HUGE trust issues and angel just made me feel like I have a voice and that for once it was about me and not about anyone else. She made me feel calm and showed me how to view the world in a whole other way. Ugh I love her so muchhh thank youuu angelll
very nice & understanding
Angel is pretty amazing! She’s always helping with whatever I throw at her and coming up with amazing solutions and she’s just an all around amazing and compassionate person that deserves soo much happiness and love. I wish everyone would be like angel then the world become a better place
Okay it’s really hard for me to write exactly how wonderful angel is because there are no words for how amazing she is. I have so many trust issues and I definitely do not trust even the closest people to me but somehow angel made me feel safe and understood to the point where I opened up and that was such an accomplishment to me. Angel made our chat and her little corner on the site a place where everyone who talks to her is able to grow as a person and become who they have always wanted to be not who they have been labelled by society to be. Angel is sooo genuine and the realest person out there!
Thanks for talking to me
Angel is so awesomeee! I am glad that I found someone who understands me and listens to me without judging. She made me realize that I matter. Thank you thank you!!!!!! angel was soo friendly! I felt like I could trust her and share everything!!!
She’s so awesome! I felt so understood and comforted I will never ever forget my chats with angel! Angel made me cope with everything I’ve been thinking and I never even knew someone could understand this well and help me as much as she has. I was in such a rough placed but angel made me feel like things are manageable and we could get through it together! She led me through mindfulness excercises and helped me calm down I felt like I was sitting on clouds! I remember feeling very mad and anxious and frustrated but now I’m so calm and happy and excited she’s just hands out smiles and happiness talking with her is like having a big hug thank you so muchhh!
Angel is so purely genuine and caring. I felt like I was talking to the most compassionate person ever! She has a literal heart of gold in her. Angel is such a true friend! thank you for spending the day with me and holding my hand so I could see some light in what felt like a helpless situation, you are so very very amazing and I am so happy that I got to chat with you today you really helped me and I can never thank you enough. You are such a warrior and you are the perfect listener. You make me laugh when I need it and you know when to get a little deeper into the chat. Ugh you are just everything to me and I hope everyone can realize how amazing your are
Never ever judges truly amazing
Understands me
very kind and a good listener
Angel was so empathetic and kind and caring I have never seen a kinder soul. She helped me so much when I felt that I couldn’t take it anymore
Having someone to just listen and ask questions to get you thinking is super super helpful! This is exactly what she did for me! 10000/10 would recommend ♥️
Angel is completely self less and she just listens and is really there for you. I felt like no matter what I said that she would always be there for me. I don’t know what she did but I came in feeling lonely, sad, un motivated and I was in a really bad condition mentally but angel made me feel welcome, she just understood me and I don’t know what I would have done if it weren’t for her.Thanks angel
good person to talk to and gave me some wonderful advice bless
Thanks for the feedback about my situation. I really do appreciate it.
They helped me when I was in my worst, thank you so much :)
She is a wonderful person
Wonderful! :)
good to talk to really cares about what she dose
SO supportive!
Good listener
she is so kind and warm-hearted, she's filled with this amazing comforting energy, and makes you laugh when you need it but also makes you feel needed and appreciated!
So helpful
Very amazing. Very supportive. I appreciate everything you’ve done. I’ve gone through so much and you’ve always been there for me even if I was difficult you’re truly the best💙
Very professional, actually gave legitimate suggestions. Thanks!
thank you at least tonight youve made feeling better seem like a real possibility
Good support , helpful tips
Such a caring person she’s the best warm hearted listener without her I would of never survived
she's the best listener of all time, she's extremely helpful and kind.
Good listener kind thank you dear
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Does using acid to burn yourself count as self-harm?
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