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BronyDice |
Listener - Pinnacle 5

Listener Rating
5.0 star rating

Friendship is made of the 5 magical elements of Kindness, Honesty, Generosity, Loyalty, and Laughter.  That is what I aim to offer as a listener - Friendship
I'm not here to judge you.
I'm not here to solve your problems.
I am here to support and encourage you!  I'm here to listen and understand.
I care about you, but I need to care about myself too

I will always respond once I'm online to any offline message.
Thank you for taking the effort to care for yourself! I hope to be able to earn your trust.

Number of Ratings: 225
Number of Reviews: 93
Listens to Over 18
Languages English
Listener Since Feb 13, 2015
Last Active in last week
Gender Female
Progress Path Step 320
Cheers 482,297
People Helped 352
Chats 10,619
Group Support Chats 23
Listener Group Chats 38
Forum Posts 3
Forum Upvotes 1
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Feedback & Reviews
Absolutely Awesome !
Extremely Caring, Kind, Wise & Loyal!! Am forever greatful.. It is hard to find such beautiful genuine people like your self.. You are one of a kind!! An ANGEL sent from above.. 😇💐
So supportive and friendly! No judgment whatsoever. It really cheered me up!
Great listener! She gave me advice when I asked but was really there for me when I needed it
Very Helpful, Caring, Kind & Loyal....😇💐😇💐
💯% AWESOME Very Kind, Caring, Luving & Loyal..
Brony is an amazing listener. She is so patient, open minded, committed and reliable. She’s never let me down and I’m truly grateful that I’ve come across such an amazing listener, let alone person, like her.
Brony's empathetic listening , constructive feedbacks and questions provided the much needed support and is instrumental to my mental emotional well being.
An absolute 🌟.. If only we could clone more people like you!! 🌺..
Best listener on 7 Cups!
she is amazing
Always very supportive, caring, kind & loyal.. Seems to understand me & I feel at ease chatting together.. Muchly Appreciated.. Is hard to find such genuine people these days.. 🇦🇺🦋😇🍀💐☀️👍🏼☀️💐🍀😇🦋🇦🇺
Very kind, caring, loyal & helpful.. Am very lucky 🍀 to have the help, knowledge & guidance.. Muchly Appreciated from the bottom of my ❤️.. Thank you!! 😇🦋🧚🏽‍♂️🌟
Super nice and understanding
Extremely helpful and understand. I feel totally comfortable coming to her with my problems. Thank you.
Always happy to listen and offer advice.. Very caring, kind, thoughtful & helpful.. Forever greatful 💐👼🏼
Thank you Brony for being there for me and making me feel cared for and understood.
Thank you for being so patient with me, and for being kind and caring! I love you very much! You’re so special to me and I’ll always hold a special place for you in my heart 💕
She is awesome !
Always so carrying, Kind, Helpful & Loyal!! U R A 🌟!! IS AN AWESOME LISTNER!! 😇
AWESOME!! IS A 🌟!! 👍🏽
just... awesome
BronyDice is a great listener.
super supportive
always a positive experience
more than just a listener... she is a friend
Great job
He really, honestly listens. He makes suggestions rather than trying to find solutions
A big help
Thank you for listening! She or he was great listener. Made me feel great after a horrible family situation.
Thoughtful and kind.
She is very caring helpful
I love her! She's not just some random listener but she has became my friend! Thank u so much for all u do!! You r the bomb! You rock! You r amazing! You are soooooo special!!!! Love K
I don't want it to sound like a cliche, but this was really one of the most helpful conversations I had here. Very attentive and understanding of important nuanced thoughts and ideas and also very open-minded to think beyond cultural norms and cliches. Very intelligent. Highly recommend for those who look for more nuanced compassion and understanding, not usual phrases or reactions you can get from an artificial bot. Thanks!
She's awesome
Sooo caring, kind, helpful & loving!! Is a true ANGEL 👼🏼😇❌⭕️❤️💚😍😘
This listener is truly the most loving, gentlest listener I have ever ran across and is extremely caring and kind, is wise with their words and is extremely nonjudgmental and shows absolutely nothing but appreciation and love and admiration for you when they listen to you. I have never in my entire life talked to such a beautiful heart and soul and I would never forget BronyDice who has gone above and beyond to make me feel wanted and appreciated and cared for. This person is an absolute godsend. They are very rare and precious. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication BronyDice. You will always have a place in my heart.
She is the most caring person I know! I am so thankful for her! Love K
Very Kind, Caring, Helpful & Loyal!! Is a true 😇!! Thanks Sincerly 💞
I just love her!!!! Thank you so much!!!
I really appreciated BronyDice's patience and helpfulness! I'm so grateful for the non-judgmental ear, and for making me feel like I was having a meaningful conversation with an old friend, even though it was my first chat on 7 cups. I feel a lot better. Thank you! You made a huge difference.
Is like a ANGEL sent from Heaven!! Thank-You!! 😇❣
Thank you☺
Very supporting, caring, kind & loving!!
She's so nice and patient, I really enjoyed talking to her, it uplifted me being so understood. She really cared about me. Thanks for taking so much time. Love, Jill
This listener is kind, attentive, and compassionate. They listened carefully to me and responded with nonjudgmental reassurance and encouragement. Highly recommended.
She is an amazingly compassionate person, who will always be there for you.
Very nice person. Helped me feel much more comfortable with my sexuality, and was able to assist me even though my messages were ambiguous at times.
Awesome listener.
This person is great
Very Caring, helpful, luving & insightful.. ❌⭕😇😉
She is awesome, that's all I can tell! I genuinely found her helpfull. She seems very patient and also gave me good insights, exactly what I needed :-)
Caring & Takes the time to help!!
I really felt a great shift in my mood and thinking after talking to her. She's amazing! God bless her
Compassionate and sympathetic. Put my mind at ease a bit and actively engaged in my thoughts. Thank you. :)
thank you!!
I feel this listener truly cares about me
I am so glad I came across this person. They are a kind hearted and caring person who gave great advice. They seemed genuinely interested in trying to help me and get to know me as a person. I would love to talk to BronyDice again. I felt better after talking to them and would highly recommend them to anybody facing a problem. Thank you!
She was nice.
I found the listener to be a truly caring person.
really nice and understanding.
Thank you for all the help and encouragement you provided to me during the time we spoke!
Very lovely listener :))
The best mor anyone could hope for! So caring and loving and conpassionate! You can talk to her about serious sad stuff but also have silly funny chats too. She's has a positive and uplifting spirit which always brightens my days and I feel so lucky to have come across her on this site!
So sweet and caring she gave me hope and so many kind words to keep me going i totally recommend her because she is by far the best listener
Very helpful and lovely person. Made me feel 100% better. Thank you!
A great listener, very empathetic, helpful and kind. I am looking forward to chatting with them more.
Best listener ive ever had
Brony= best listener ever
This person is AWESOME
He is the best! I can talk to him about anything and he doesn't judge!
He is awesome!
He is the best listener around. Totally got where I was coming from. Supportive and encouraging!
Wonderful listener! Connected right away!
Brony is the model l;istener... She's patient, compassionate, helpful, and practical... an AMAZING woman!!!!
Honestly one of the best listeners on this site! I highly recommend her!
Absolutely incredible person. I've never met someone who could say the right thing so eloquently!
Thank you so much!!!
Truly one of the best listeners I've ever had on here!
I've never been able to talk to someone so easily before
Great so far
the most amazing person ever
good listener
I have never talked to someone on here who was so upbeat, wise, and sympathetic all at the same time. This person was wonderful to talk to and really helped me out.
One of my favourite listeners by far. Marvelous person indeed.
Really awesome listener. She/he cared a lot, gave me a huge amount of time from their life, her/his reasoning seemed rational. Totally recommended.
I was really nervous to even try this site but BronyDice made me feel at ease straight away and it was like talking to a friend. 10/10 recommend.
My first ever listener and made me feel at home here :) huge weight lifted of my shoulders. Thank you so much !! X
Thank you so much. So far, you are the best listener I've talked to.
Very nice to talk to, and is eager to find ways to help me help myself. Awesome person :D
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