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The secret to happiness lies in giving less fuck about life. Negativity attracts more negativity. For e.g if somebody you love leaves you. What does it mean? Does it mean there is something wrong with you? Do you doubt whether you will find love again? What are these? These are negative thoughts, right? If you live with this state of mind, do you think you will be able to attract the right kind of person? Do you think you will be energized about getting things done in time? If you are a student, you may end up failing in your exams. So now you are a person with a broken heart plus a person who failed in exams. When nothing is going right people try to escape their problems by distracting themselves. They may choose to drink or smoke because it is the easiest way to change bio-chemistry of the body or they may try distract themselves away with their thoughts. In either way you are affecting your health. By drinking and smoking you are abusing your physical health and by thinking unnecessarily you are abusing your mental health. So now you are a person with broken heart + exam failure + unhealthy body/mind. We all know how much importance such people get in real life. People often end up having anxiety or depression in such situations. I hope you are able to relate and see the pattern here, how one thing leads to another.
So now what’s the way out. The best way is to quickly snap out of your problems. Imagine there is a train which is running at a very low speed. Now if somebody will build a wall in front of it what will happen? It will stop, right? If the same train is running at a very high speed what will happen? It will break the wall into pieces. This is true about life also. At least, for once we all have lived in a state where everything seems to be in a flow. You need to maintain that flow even in the tough times. When you are in shit don’t just stay there, do something to get out of it. I’ll tell you how to do it.
First step, change the way your breath. Notice is it shallow or full.
Second step, change the way you use your body. Is it tight or loose.
Third step, change your focus.
Close your eyes and tell yourself to look for brown for at least five times. Now open your eyes and see how many brown things are there in your room. Now close your eyes again and tell yourself to look for red this time. Do you still see that much brown this time? This is the secret here. You get more of what you look for. So the question is what are you going to look for, positivity or negativity? Negativity literally kills you. Even i sound like a retard when i am occupied with negativity. When you go to somebody like this, seeking some help, there are chances people will ignore you. Nobody enjoys listening to pain except few good people. So appreciate all the listeners who are willingly lending their ears to you. Apart from that be your own listener. Come to me i will teach you how to be one. I will not feed you fish for a day but i will teach you how to catch one.

Seek and you shall find.. ask and you shall receive.

Did you ever stop to help someone
stuck beside the road?
Or help a person carry bags
to their car for them to load?
These opportunities lend themselves
to us most every day.
Yet many times we turn our heads
and look the other way.
I'm not saying GOD is watching
to see if you're polite.
I'm saying we could be more helpful
if we want to do what's right.
We wouldn't lose a lot of time
by rendering some aid.
And who knows... down the road...
kindness may be repaid...:)

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Feedback & Reviews
He is really good. No wonder he has so many good reviews in so less chats.
He was truly wonderful in his insight, i feel like his help has made a difference and I wish him all the best. Thankyou so much for everything
Very attentive and super kind soul. Thank you so much for listening to me
He seems so calm, mature, caring, and wise. I felt way much better after talking to him, and I look forward to our next talk :)
thanks for ur time,u listened me carefuly,i appreciate,thanks for listening me
thank you. i will always remember what you said about love, that was an amazing piece of advice. keep up the good work
best listener in a long time. surely best of the lot here. god bless him.
amazing listener. solved my problem in minutes. thanks brother. i would love to chat with you again.
Honest. :)
Thanks Chetan.
He was there for me in right time. I feel so release! Don't know how much I have to thanks to him it won't be enough
What a great listener and I had so much in common even though from different cultures
Very Patient and Encouraging .....
I left the conversation very early because i was not feeling too hot but in no way was it there fault. They offered to help me and was kind about it.
he is one of the best listener out here. i have taken help of many psychotherapists done many therapies but no body left an impact like he did. his theory is difficult to understand at first but when it makes sense it will blow u away. thanks a ton. u changed my life. i will never forget u. keep doing the good job. you are the best..:)
Top guy! Very helpful.
I'll always remember you if I get him back!
thank you, i appreciated it!
Very helpful and understanding, thank you!
I always knew that I had issues but didnt know the core one and so when I tried to solve them one got messed up into others. Chetan made the strike right to the core and it all made sense. I thought myself to be a good listener you have shattered my pride. I realise how much more I need to know about listening. You really made a difference and eventhough I am now here for a help you inspire me to b someone like you. Thank you for ending a life long run for happiness, now i can stop running and make things w
Great help
He offered advice and was interested in what I had to say. Thank you.
he is responsive ...n gud
Very helpful and gives great advice.
Great listener, and has a very good perspective on things.
CHETAN is very insightful and helpful.
He is a great listener
Was very helpful in the end and gave good advice
very helpful and understanding
great listener. helped a lot :) keep doing the good work always
he is great, thank you for everything !
Thanks a lot..
Stopped my from crying. Very supportive.
Cares for my wellbeing and is helpful :) Overall experience 4/5
Very good session help me understand what I was feeling was correct
This was my first visit to this site , CHETAN was very friendly , a great listener. I was very pleased with our chat.
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