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I'm a South African woman living in Japan and it certainly won't be my last time moving countries.  

I have finished my undergraduate degree in psychology as well as my psychology honors degree, so I have studied psychology for quite a few years. As I am taking a break from studying, I still want to be able to put these skills to good use and help people who either don't feel they need to go see a therapist, or just can't afford the sky-high fees.

I am an open, kind, yet firm-handed person. Supporting my listeners is my main objective, but brining to attention possible faulty thoughts and defense mechanisms is very much a part of my approach (see below for more). I am here to listen since everyone needs different things at different moments.

I have had anxiety for as long as I can remember, so I can also relate to most of the problems brought on by it. I have found ways to help me control it and feel that I can help someone learn ways that will help them! I have also dealt with people who have social anxiety, as well as being a shoulder to cry on for many friends going through hardships.

Having moved to a new country, one so different from my own, I have also been through the ups and downs of changing your entire life so drastically. So, if you're an expat struggling with adaption and resilience, I can lend a sympathetic shoulder to cry on.  

Given my history in psychology, I try to implement the therapeutic techniques I've learned. My main focus is on thoughts and thought patterns, meaning I try to identify negative or faulty thought patterns, and then try to correct them in a way that helps a listener deal with their thoughts more effectively and build defense mechanisms that heal rather than hurt. This can be a daunting and sometimes helpless path, but it truly is what helped me control my anxiety in most situations. 
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Feedback & Reviews
Loved it! Awesome chat!
Charlotte was very easy to talk to and quite down to earth. Would happily chat with again :)
Loved it! Awesome chat!
Charlotte was very helpful she gave me a lot of helpful information and was very kind!
Very supportive
Loved it! Awesome chat!
loved it! awesome chat!
Charlotte was incredibly compassionate, and gave a lot of gentle support and encouragement for the situation I'm working through. I so appreciate the time she gave me
She's so smart, sweet and wise.
Kind and caring. Thoughtful responses
Charlotte is really nice. I have been alone with my problems and thoughts for a long time. She made time for me and listened to all I said. And really understood me. She motivated on my pursuit. A great help during a time of despair.
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