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Listener - Proficient 8

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Due to my leadership roles, i am unfortunately unable to take 1-1 Chat Requests


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    Listening is important Work
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    Connect with Subcommunities
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    Growing as a Listener
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    Connect to Other Listeners
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Feedback & Reviews
Just a sweet and nice listener, very professional and courteous. Just of great value to cups
Really helpful
Honestly a very helpful Listener, thank you so much! 💜 - Ely.
Made time for me.
Great listener, made me feel better
So far good vibes
She was very sweet and listened to me when I just needed someone to talk to:’)
thanks for listening
Absolutely one of the kindest, most caring listeners ever. Wonderful person to talk with!
Incredibly kind and lovely person to talk to. Great listener and really helped me talk out an important situation in my life. Super helpful!
Great questioning skill
Very friendly, helpful and supportive. A fantastic listener.
Really the kindest, most helpful person there could be!
It was helpful to talk. DigitalKnight really listened to me knowing my sensitivity and encouraged me to follow my heart. Thank you for such a wonderful talk.
Great questions, great insight
Attentive listener
Thank you for being a kind listener!
listened very well and helped me with a lot of things
Very helpful listener and also very patient. Come out with solutions with my problems which might be really useful
Very good very nice
very good listener
Lovely and wise listener. Felt listened to and understood. Thank you.
they were so helpful with my problems! They really helped me feel so reassured and normal.
Great listener
I think she did a great job as a listener. The key to doing it right is asking questions and I feel heard and understood.
Attentive, professional and kind Thank you a lot
very kind and supportive truly felt understood thank you for taking the time to listen and help people on here it means a lot.
They were very lovely and kind, and I really appreciated their feedback. I'd loved to talk with them again!
So awesome. So professional. So helpful. So kind. Perfect listener!
Very helpful, gave me resources
Great listener, and very helpful
a really good listener
So intelligent and insightful.
Amazing listener, really knows what she's doing
Great listener.
Good listener. Actually responds well.
Friendly, empathetic, good convo skills.
she makes me feel better even after a bad day
Love the professionalism, keep going!
Good listener. Very person centered. Good at focusing on the positive, and phrasing responses in an empowering way.
great conversation, thanks for your time
Lovely. Kind. Good listener. She was the friend I needed to listen to all of my problems and guide me through the mess of emotions I was having. She didn't gave up on me and was very helpful! 5 stars.
Thoughtful and compassionate
Great listener :)
Great listener! Thanks so much for hearing me out!
Great listener. Helping nature
good person, good listener
Thank you for your kind words. It really helped me feel better.
I really liked the chat. I was given a new point of view that I hadn't considered.
Helped me reach an epiphany
Great listener DKnight. Love your honest answers.
You get the sense that this listener is truly listening. Her presence is evident although she knows not to talk a lot, but to drop words here and there wisely and attentively.
Great woman and sweet
Great listener and supporter!!
Good listener.....
Wise, considerate, caring, warm, soothing. Really helped. Thank you
they actually tried :)
They were very helpful and understanding. I would recommend them.
It was really helpful, they were super understanding and optimistic but still realistic, which is great! Awesome listener
Was so kind, really listen and empathized with me.
Wonderful chat. Listened and provided meaningful, sympathetic, replies. would absolutely recommend this listener!
She is great at listening
Fantastic woman
Great listener!
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