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Welcome to 7 Cups of Tea. I believe that my life experience with multiple physical and mental health challenges enables me to understand and relate to the suffering of others. My training includes instruction in peer support, coaching/mentoring and Buddhist practice. These diverse models have all contributed to my own recovery and growth, and I hope have made me a better 7 Cups Active Listener. We all need and deserve caring support. It means a lot to me to be of service to others. I hope I can be helpful to you.
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Feedback & Reviews
Level headed emotionally intelligent listener. Gave new ideas and advice in a helpful way and bounced ideas back and forth
Good listening! Good understanding!
I like this person b.c. he listens well
Nice guy, had good advice.
very patient and kind
They searched for ways to help immediately and were very attentive.
Rad dude, music chat
Really easy going and chill
Very insightful and cool listener with great strategies
It's nice and calm chat.
He was a good helper, I just feel down still and need to seek out expert help
Very good listener 👌 caring and compassionate..I highly recommend!!
This guy is a gem...what else to say
He’s angood listener
Talking with him really made me feel better about my situation and it made me feel like my feelings were valid.
I really felt seen and heard, thank you
Great listener and gives great advice!
He is empathetic and I feel better after speaking with him
Helpful and respectful. Had an interesting approach to solving problems.
Very good guy, knows what he's talking about.
Friendly person which truly wanted to help me
Great! Active listen who seems to genuinely care and gives relevant feedback/advice
I managed to calm me down and gave me some advice that I really appreciate
Asked good questions
Very very helpful with such insightful words and instantly supportive responses. Best listener I’ve ever had :)
Incredibly resourceful and listened to me during a dark time. Thank you
This listener was so helpful and easy to chat with! He put plenty of effort in trying to help me sort out everything. I left the chat loving myself more and less afraid!
fantastic listener who knows when to truly listen and when to speak. incredibly supportive and positive without pushing at all. lovely gentleman with a good heart. thank you!
Excellent listener. Honest, supportive, empathetic, relatable.
Really easy to talk to . feel better when chatting
Thank you drum, 🥁 thank you for listening to me
My first chat. Drumdude listened and gave feedback. Knowledgeable for sure. 7 cups is an amazing source for support as I try to figure some things out. Thanks Drumdude.
Very nice guy! He was very kind and supportive, thanks!
very good and supportive
Good and responsive
Decent guy. Was kind enough to listen.
Great listener
He is soooooo awesome
amazing person, good communicating :)
Great listener, very clever and actually caring about other's problems
Was helpful about talking about the arts and giving a more mature take on things
Thank you for help
They are great and Really helped me alot
Awesome listener and a nice person
Great chatter, understanding, fun
Very understanding, kind and a great listener!
He is a good listener and made me feel comfortable
He was very attentive and gave me some great techniques to try!
Good chat. He is very helpful. Definitely recommended.
Very nice man. Great listener and very polite and respectful.
He is quick and very understanding!!
he's very open to talk about things and polite, like a friend
Such a wonderful empathetic listener!
Very helpful and provided me with good advice
He is one of the most patient and sensitive listeners I have encountered in 7cups.
Great listener, awesome feedback!
very helpful and encouraging.
This guy is a really nice listener! Give it a try and I am sure you won't regret it!
asked good questions
very responsive and gives good advice
Best listener so far
Very helpful and detail-oriented. Gave great advice and really made me feel like I was heard!
I really appreciate your time to analyse and explain to me.
Calm person, great listener
I love It ❤️ I Just Feel Like I’m Starting To See things Thru
He is incredible. Great listener, and gave incredible strategies and advice on how to deal with anxiety/panic.
Very nice and helped me work through my thoughts!
Gave new insight on my breakup. Lovely guy
Completely helpful. Absolutely gained my trust. I feel comfortable talking to him and I know there won't ever be judgement.
He is always fun to talk with, he listens, never judges and I always seem to feel better after our chats. I would recommend to anyone that just needs someone to talk to.
Good listener helped though his past experiences and friendly
very good at listening
Very helpful and knowledgeable.
Understanding man who doesn't judge you for your mistakes. Made me understand that opportunities are not lost but found.
Was able to understand my situation and offered help
Thank you, opening up to you allowed me to learn a little about myself and where I'm going in life.
I am so thankful I was connected with this listener. Truly one of the best I’ve had.
He made me feel at peace. Other talk like robots but he helped me a lot. I feel great. He is practical and a great listener maybe even the best.
patient and smart
DrumDude tells it like it is. I appreciated that.
Very patient and attentive listener. A pleasure to talk to
Really insightful and empathetic
He is a gem of a person
Great listener! Very nice and all around a great person. Honest and a real person who didn’t talk to me like a robot. :)
He’s very receptive and calming really helpful with anxiety.
Very intuitive and helpful
An amazing people who really listen to you and try to find you different solutions
great listener., easy to talk to. would recommend. 5 stars!
Understanding and Lovely person to chat
Thank you for bringing so much clarity with your wisdom and let's listen together to a podcast sometime.
Great listener overall; seemed to push his perspective a tad too much but it was still helpful and refreshing to see things from a different point of view
Awesome guy to talk to. I felt very comfortable talking with him and he is a great listener.
listened to what i had to say, was very understanding and related to my situation a lot, let me rant about it and was empathetic about it; honestly i cant thank you enough you're amazing if i could give you more stars i would!
Thank you!!! I appreciate your time and help
Gave really good advice and just listened for a while.
i really loved the conversation, i felt anxious and now im leaving nearly as a new person, thank you so much
He’s so kind and thoughtful and he truly cares
A great listener!
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