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Hey! If you need someone to talk to, I'd love to hear what's going on. No matter what you're dealing with, even if you just need to vent, I'd be happy to listen.          I'm certainly a nightowl so I'm usually fine with late-night chats.
I do not take long-term support. You're free to message me again every now and again if you like, but I have no set schedule so if you're looking for a more stable setup, there are plenty of great listeners who do offer long-term support and would be happy to help you with that!
Remember, if you are suicidal and/or having an emergency, I will direct you to a site for that specifically instead. 7cups is not a suicide hotline, nor for medical emergencies and we cannot offer professional help for you in that case. 
Since anxiety/panic attacks/ocd/social anxiety are my main topics, I also might find you a different listener if you're struggling with something I have little to no experience in, such as addictions or relationship stress. 
If I don't reply to your comment in a day or two and haven't put up a "on break" for (fill in the blank reason) please message me again. Sometimes your messages will accidently get deleted for me so I won't know when you write. I don't want to leave you waiting needlessly! 
Any obvious trolling or extremely inappropriate subject matter will only be met with a block on my end, so please use common sense and be respectful~

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Sincere. Understands you and wants you to realize you're not alone, everything will be okay.
Um,I enjoy their replys and the time given to react to my long messages. They ask questions bacised on what I said before as well as give their option on the situation. (Which I hope is an honest one.) I enjoyed communicating with them.
Loved it. Non judgmental and always responsive.
I feel the most comfortable talking with Elvalight than any other listener I've talked to. Quick with a response and I never feel pressured if I take some time to answer.
youre awesome c:
Elvalight making me feel so comfortable right now it helps a lot!
You're pretty chill. I like that.
Really great person, I would talk to them again
Very nice to have someone to talk to.:)
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