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Hey I'm Emirson! My nickname is Stephen because I'm Steph Curry's biggest fan. I used to struggle with anxiety, but I've learned to use it to my advantage. It never completely goes away, but it gets better. I get nervous, I feel butterflies, but those are all good signs that I'm ready for the moment. Don't be afraid to fail - after all, you miss every shot you don't take. 16 years of constantly being doubted awakened that competitive spirit in me. I hate watching something happen from the sideline and not being able to do anything- it's the most frustrating thing ever. If there are 2 seconds left in the game and we're down 3 points, I will shoot a three pointer. I would rather miss than not try at all. That's just the way I am. And I hate winning by default :)
I am a HUGE basketball fan, for those who don't know this already! I'm a varsity player, 5-time MVP In my rec league, and about to be committed to a college for basketball. 

*I'm Christian but I won't mention it unless you ask* 
I'm not the best listener on here by any means but I do my best
"It's just like being down 20 points at halftime! There's still time left... turn the game around." -Emirson Q.
"If you keep playing, you're unguardable... If you quit, you're defeated." -Emirson Q.
"How do you make a three pointer? I'll tell you the only way NOT to make it: not trying." -Emirson Q.
"I can't say I'm a good loser... I'm not. But I know how to lose with dignity." -Emirson Q.
"If you see a defender in front of you - go around him, push him out, if all else fails foul him... the worst thing you can do is stop." -Emirson Q.
Some of my fav quotes:
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You're one of a kind, Emirson - so nice, patient and laid back. And your basketball references are the best. Overall great chat
I really appreciate it Emirson... I happened to message you right after you lost a game, I'm so sorry. YET, you replied right away and you listened to me, and you didn't get frustrated, and you inspired me by your incredible story. If I had to face everything you had to face, I'm not sure I'd even be here. You gave me hope again... THANK YOU FOR THAT.
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