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✩──→ EndlesslyDreaming ←──✩

✩━|Dream big and dare to fail.|━✩

✩──→ My name is... ←──✩
Hello! My name, or rather username, is EndlesslyDreaming! quite a bit to type while talking so it is fine to use pretty much any shortened form! End, Endless, Endy, Dream, Dreamer, Dreamy, Dreaming... really anything is fine!

Some other names you can use are: Pastel! Anna! and Snugle! these are just older usernames that i used for a long time and will recognize. Although i recomend using somthing similar to my actual username while in a group chat! You dont want anyone to get confused hehe!

✩━|The power of imagination makes us infinite.|━✩

✩──→ About me! ←──✩
I am a female (she/her)

I am Asexual Panromantic

None! I dont plan on getting any sort of date mate until in a bit older!

✩Favorite _____
Thing to do : Read and play video games
Color : The rainbow? All of them?
Food : Cupcakes!
Place : The woods.
Time : night
Animal : Dragons!

✩The way i calm down
Listen to music and daydream! Write!

✩━|Hope is a waking dream.|━✩

✩──→ Talking! ←──✩
Subjects that i WILL talk about

I have struggled with this for a long time and will Listen to anyone who needs me!

Something else i have struggled with for a long time and am open to talking about!

I identify as somthing that isnt really well know and i have had a large diferent amount of reactions! if you wanna talk im good to go!

✩Break ups/Relationships
While i have never been in one i know a lot about diferent kinds from having to research for writing!

Even if you just feel lonely im here to chat! just send me a message!
✩━|Everything you can imagine is real.|━✩

Subjects that i WILL NOT talk about





The things listed here are what I am uncomfortable with. if its not listed here it is probably okay!


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