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Listener - Discoverer 3

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5.0 star rating

You can talk to me about anything. I want to understand what you are going through. I am here not to judge you, but accept you for who you are.

Number of Ratings: 43
Number of Reviews: 38
Listens to Over 18
Languages English
Listener Since Mar 26, 2020
Last Active over 6 months ago
Gender Male
Progress Path Step 88
Cheers 29,083
People Helped 71
Chats 613
Group Support Chats 2
Listener Group Chats 4
Forum Posts 7
Forum Upvotes 2
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Feedback & Reviews
He’s simply the best. I ve had great friendships in my life but nothing compared to him. The amount of commitment is beyond all expectations , he s been there with me through difficult times, helping me go through all my insecurities and doubts and confusion .I mean he s been there with me for almost a year, religiously every week. I ve never received such attention and care from a stranger.he always stayed professional and still managed to become part of my life. He s a generous and beautiful soul.If i feel better now it’s mostly thank to him.he became a real friend and I ll be forever grateful for meeting him.
An absolutely awesome listener. I hope to chat with again (don't mention clocks)
Simply the best
Very helpful and professional. They are doing good in the world ❤️
You are so kind and so warm. I appreciated our conversation, I was having a rough day and was struggling to breathe and calm myself. You helped me a lot
Patient, helpful, Listens attentively and offers true empathy.
I m so thankful for the level of commitment and professionalism I get from him. He has really helped me go through tough times and I really appreciate.he s just the best. I highly recommend!!!
Very kind and patient. Thank you for listening to me and creating such a safe space to share my feelings.
Nice talking to you
This listener was very compassionate and mindful of the situation. I felt listened to, understood and supported.
Such an amazing listener. Helps you to understand how you are feeling and brings forward words you are struggling to define how you are feeling. So amazing and the best decision I have made :)
He wanted to help and he did, we were talking for quite a long and he was great, supportive and caring, till the very last moment. Great listener!
Very supportive and nice and took the time to listen to me while I wasn’t in a good place
It's always a real pleasure to talk to him..I don't have enough words to say how thankful I am for his patience, professionalism and compassion.Speaking with him feels like catching up with an old friend. Thank you sooo much Chester, u re the best...Hry
I like the way how Evertonest navigates thought the conversation.
Very good listener, attentive. responded fast and was very nice. No real improvement-advice, just keep it up!
I'm really grateful to have my first chat on this website to be with Evertonest. Chester is a respectful and professional listener who made me feel like I was confiding to a genuine friend. I felt like someone was actually listening to what I was saying without judging me for it. I would definitely recommend them to other users. Thank you for your time!
thanks for the chat
I really appreciate how the listener kept following up with me. Even after a couple of days. She always made sure she understand and made questions to keep the conversation going or clearer. Didn’t I didn’t answer some of them. Thank you so much!
Simply the best...the level of caring,commitment and consideration is beyond what I would ever expect.We need more people like this in this world.The kind of people that reminds you that you are not alone,that you still have worth and helps you go through your issues.I highly recommend him to you guys...thx again chester, ur the best :)
Just perfect! Evertonest is not just extremely good at what he's doing but kind, patient and smart. He is an excellent listener with great questions, and great commitment as well.
Offer help a lot
Evertonest is such a great listener, with impactful approach and kind soul.
They were great
My listener has been really nice so far!
He's a very good listener and helps get you to figure out the answer yourself rather than just giving you advice for what you should do
One of the best chat I've had on 7cups...he quickly made me comfortable, was very professional and helped me sort things out.I highly recommend!!
Evertonest is an amazing listener.
I felt very heard, supported and never judged. Really a good listener who actually tries to understand very well. I'd definitely recommend this listener to everyone.
The listener was good at making me feel like someone understood me. I’m glad that i joined and got matched with this listener.
Really good listen. Had good ways of letting me know he understands and knows what I’ve been going through. I appreciated the long conversation and that if I said I didn’t want to talk about a specific subject he complied.
Was super understanding, really relatable and knew how to keep the conversation going. 10/10
Very good listener very easy to talk to !
Evertonest is very helpful to talk with about anything. She is super understanding and wants to make sure that who she is talking is doing her best, and helps get to the point of the problem
He was helpful, especially in the career field and we exchanged lots of information about interests and hobbies
Very kind and patient
This human was incredibly helpful! Let me talk as much as I wanted and prompted several realisations on my part.
replied quickly and was helpful it did help alot thank you
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Does not coming out as bisexual mean that I'm ashamed of it even though I don't think I feel that way?
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Does everyone secretly despise LGBTs although many openly claim to accept and love it, including LGBT members and allies? Are there really people who see LGBT as of equal worth as heterosexuals?
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