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Faywillhelpyou |
Listener - Specialist 2

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I love food. And I absolutely love you MORE than food!

I am always here to listen to people, I am willing to do anything to make a person feel better, or to make a person's day.
No matter who you are, how old are you, what you did, or even where you are from. I am always here for you.
I will never judge who you are, I will appreciate you, I will care for you, and I will love you.

I will be the brightest person you will ever meet, I guess, as you can see.
We can also be friends if you want! ✧Let's be friends✧

“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” – Carl Bard

"Everything happens for a reason. You never know what would have happened; life is very unpredictable." -ME
Number of Ratings: 141
Number of Reviews: 66
Listens to Over 18
Languages English
Listener Since Jun 12, 2014
Last Active over 6 months ago
Gender Female
Progress Path Step 797
Cheers 51,249
People Helped 283
Chats 647
Group Support Chats 0
Listener Group Chats 7
Forum Posts 23
Forum Upvotes 10
Feedback & Reviews
I felt like I could just vent.I had someone to talk to who wouldn't judge me and listened to what I had to say.
Truly one of the most brilliant experiences with a listener I've ever had.
Thank you so much Fay you helped. A lot.
Chatting with you is helping me so much and makes me happy :)
Thank you!
how can u be so good? ur very funny, helpful, and just wonderful. i really like u. thank u for making my say. ur the best yaoi lover ever! lets watch anime together C:
Wow. Thank you! I was in a very hard situation, I was trapped with someone in the house. And she helped me get away, when I spoke to 2 listens and they couldn't help. She's the best. Without her... I won't be able to solve anything in my life. Thank you, Fay. I love you.
By far the best!
thankyou :)
you are jsut awesome
thank u so so much for being amazing and awesome. i will always talk to u from now on. ur the best listener ever. ur highly recommended!
This is the amazing persona. This persona is most helpful person in the world
i love how you made me feel so special, no one has ever done this for me youre like a best friend to me i really do love you fay you're amazing wonderful and just beautiful im always here for you tooo! best friend ;)
Fay, you're absolutely great! I really liked you. You're perfect, really. I have never talked to a listener like you before. You're one of the best listeners, the best listener, to be honest. You're very compassionate and sympathetic. Thanks for being here for me!
This person is the best
She helped me alot, she understood me and gone through with me and I couldn't be more happier. :)
Woww.................................. SHES AAAAAAAAAAMAZING
Wonderful listener! She has been through so much. I personally think, she is very brave and strong. You were very helpful, and you shared so many empathy! I'm always here for you too! BE STRONG.
Youre the best okay? the best...
omg amazing listener very recommended ur the best fay
Faaaayyyy, you are the sweetest, most helpful person in the world. You genuinely care. And you listened to my rants about random things. Thank you so much, you are sososo amazing.
Thank you so much
You're dazzling! Great work, Fay, really. Such a huge help. Thanks.
amazing, amazing, amazing, youre the best of the best!!!!! i luv u so freaking much fay ur such a big help
Thank you very much, you are amazing, such an inspiration, you are very understanding. And yet, you struggle, let's do everything togerher!! as you said
best listener omg, she is so empathic and so professional. she helped me a lot
She's amazing! She helped me a lot!
great person great response time
HIGHLY RECOMMENDEDDDDDDDDDD. SHE IS SO COOL AND JUST STUNNING. she is very strong too. I love you fay, thank you for everything, she really makes me happy and smile, she is funny too. she knows exactly what to do, so PRO, she would listen first, then ask, then make you feel better

AMAZING LISTENER. She is so sweet, and relatable! She has been through a lot; such an inspiration. I hope the world would know who she is and what she has been through, because she has done the impossible! I enjoyed her stories. So good. She made me so happy, no one made me as happy as she did. She is like a best friend, a sister also! I love her so much.
Thank you so much, Fay!!!! You completely understand me!! You're awesomeness, omg, God bless u for being here and helping people who need help you're so good. Highly recommended!!!!!!!!!!! THE BEST!!!! LOVE U FAYFAY ;)
Wow. She is so amazing! Very inspiring and helpful. She understand you completely without even tell her the details! She is the best listener ever on this website. She is young and very strong and wise. She made me so so happy, she is like a friend! Love you, Fay!
PERFECT. The best there is. I was wary of her at first because she seemed to sweet, and like maybe she wouldn't understand the dark corners of my soul, but she gets it. What a lovely human being. So caring. So compassionate. My favorite :)
SO AWESOME OMG she's friendly who listens to your problems and would do anything to help
so nice and helped me a lot through laughs and smiles :)
She takes the time to listen to your problems and she is their to comfort you in times of need. I wuv her
Amazing, very relatable :)
thank u thank u thank u!!!! ur the best listener ever!!!!!!
Best listener I've talked to on this site...

So understanding, just 100% awesome
Very caring gives a lot of good advice
she's just amazing
helped so much
wow ur so amazing ur just the besttttt
such an inspiration you really made me want to live thnx
thank you sooooooo much it means a lot to me
wow im so impressed, she is awesome x
greatttt work fay, your my best friend!!!
Awesome work! You really helped get through this, thanks a lot!
Oh my god!!! she is the best listener ive ever talked to!! i love her, I love you Fay, thnks for being my best friend, you're the best!!!! so bright and amazing :DDDD THE BESTTTTT
Shes great
GREAT LISTENER. Thank you, Fay.
Very nice and always helps you whatever your problem
Ur the best and do u like yaoi
Uh-Mazing okay like super fab I love I love I loooove
thanks for this, im glad someone cares :)
The person is good with tenses :D
Nice & caring :)
Very caring and attentive.
Amazing listener!! :)
They are so nice
she is very helpful and kind i really appreciate the help x
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