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Hi, ever looked at yourself in the mirror asking why you exist? Weather your whole existance have any goal whatsoever? Well i have, after being the outcast of society for perhaps more than 10 years starting after an unpleasant school field trip i tried searching everywhere after what was wrong with me. If it was the trauma from being shooed away by all my previous known friends or maybe i was born differently. Years i tried to fix myself as i had been infected by some nasty sickness that could be cured by a medicine. And it only got worse, from stuttering and failing to create conversations with classmates to my eyes beginning to twitch when i looked at someone until even my footsteps would shiver. Eventually i gave up. The only advice i could find was seek help from proffesionals, the one thing i never could. For how would all the people i love reacted to it. Would they think less of me? Treat me as weak like my so called "mates" in school would? But this thought did not break me, rather i realized something i haden't before. It wasen't fear that had brought me into this turmoil of despair but compassion, I never left my friends because i was afraid of them. I left them because i liked them all very much and thought they would be happier without me. After this my life changed alot, i wasen't this parasite of society anymore and i had strengths other lacked. Since then ive been trying to help people like myself to realize this in hope that they won't fear what they became as i did and take pride of it instead. For you do deserve that.

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