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Hi, glad you found me. I'm a verified listener and I'd like to support people struggling with, or helping their loved ones cope with the problems listed below, plus DID/OSDD and autism (still learning). Systems, neurodivergent folks and sex workers welcome. I love listening to music, going on walks, learning sign language and digging through Wikipedia. I use they/them pronouns.


I appreciate what I've learnt from my hardships and I'd like to lend an ear as you face yours. My time zone is UTC+7. I would love a rating or a review so I can improve my skills. Hope to chat with you soon!

Number of Ratings: 49
Number of Reviews: 32
Listens to Teens & Over 18
Languages English, French, Vietnamese
Listener Since Feb 2, 2017
Last Active in last week
Gender Non-Binary
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Cheers 68,542
People Helped 87
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Feedback & Reviews
she's twinkling stars and good listener
They’re so kind and open to everything I said. There was no judgment, just a safe space and wonderful person to talk to. A great person to talk to if you have a hard time opening up❤️
Fin fin is absolutely amazing and they are extremely kind and loving, definitely a safe place for me to vent and be. Thank you so much fin, it means the world to me, you are the very bestest. You are so thoughtful and caring and sweet, I feel I can say anything. They always make my day so much better, I feel a lot lighter after talking to them. I would definitely recommend them for anyone who needs someone to talk to, They are a really great and helpful listener. I am very great full and appreciative *hugs fin fin tightly*
a great listener because they doesn't judge
She so very nice and a good listener person ❤ i think that
finny is one of the best people i know they are so kind and really gets me doesn’t stop support me no matter what they are going through they let me have hope and let me feel listened to if you want a great listener i can not recommend more💜
very understanding and welcoming. i feel like my feelings are validated and that i am not alone going through my stresses. a very attentive, caring, and wise listener who really does their best to help and make you feel better. Fin, i greatly appreciate you and the time you put into our chat. you are an amazing person, and truly the best listener on here -Alli 🤍
They were very nice and understanding :D
Helped me a lot with my self-discovery, I'm really thankful.
So extremely nice and super understanding even gets DID bad is super open to it can not recommend more
Patient and open minded listener. Helpful chat.
Finley is very patient and understanding, I received the support I was looking for and felt understood. Thank you fin.
Extremely calming listener...helped me manage my distress very well.
Fin was awesome to talk with. I was really unsure of a few things that I was dealing with and Fin patiently listened and helped me validate my feelings. There was no rushed feeling and when I commented about feeling alittle silly about it, Fin assured me that it was important. At the end of the chat - I felt alot better about things. I will definitely seek him out again when I need a listener!
This person is incredible and showed me the compassion i needed due to high amonts of anxiety and it helps to have someone understanding thank you for your time and effort and dedication.
He's very patient, very kind. He tries his best to understand my story.
A beautiful person! And I'd recommend coming back to Finley for check ins if that's something you'd like to do. Super patient and thoughtful! Loved every moment with this Listener!
Cared. Listened. Good person all around.
Good questions to help me think about what's happening
Super helpful and kind
They were very kind and tried to understand the situation. They were also very empathetic as well. Overall, felt much better after talking to them and they were very understanding :)
Biết lắng nghe và không phán xét.
Very understanding and available
Very very helpful! They were very understanding and listened carefully to everything i said while being compassionate and objective. After talking I felt 100x better. It was the best conversation i have had in a while.
very comprehensive and willing to listen
Very friendly and cordial. For a first experience it was very pleasing. You can definitely have a receptive chat with this person, and I can't stress enough they're sociable and attentive as a whole.
Helpful and understanding!
Very good and supportive
Very honest, sincere and helpful. I'm grateful
Great at listening and I felt that he was really trying to understand/ support me as much as he can without getting too personal. He is very patient and i felt that i was not being judged at all. Truly a great listener. Thank you.
They're one of the most caring, compassionate and kind listeners on this site. They take the time to listen and think about your thoughts and don't just repeat them like a machine. Keep it up, you're amazing
Finley good
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