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Fradiga |
Listener - Exemplar 9

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5.0 star rating

Older expatriate, widowed once when much younger. Raised children and step-children. Speaks several languages. Lives in SW France. Retired. Enjoys music (choir singer) and needlework among other interests. Is learning Arabic. Long church experience and interested in all religions. Has plenty of LGBTQ relatives and friends. Is USUALLY online for an hour or two from 1 PM (in GMT+2 zone), Monday through Sunday (might take days off). Checks her messages the rest of the day.
Expat à la retraite. A perdu un mari jeune. A élevé des enfants et beaux-enfants. Polyglotte (apprend l'arabe en ce moment). Vit dans le sud-ouest de la France. Ses activités tournent surtout autour de la musique et les travaux d'aiguille. Longue expérience cléricale avec intérêt pour toutes les religions. Beaucoup d'amis et de parenté dans le monde LGBTQ. Disponible à 13h (dans le fuseau horaire GMT+2) la plupart du temps pour une heure ou deux et regarde ses messages le reste du temps.

Number of Ratings: 91
Number of Reviews: 78
Listens to Over 18
Languages English, French, Japanese, Spanish
Listener Since Mar 10, 2020
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Feedback & Reviews
So easy to talk to, knew the right things to say and was very helpful with my issues and let me vent
Excellent listener, very nice personality
This was one of the most awesome conversations I have had in a while!
Very helpful and understanding and caring
listens really well
Very caring, sweet and polite
Quite supportive person.
Great listener and insightful too.
Best listener on the earth! Thank you a lot for listening! I could give you ten stars and tips if I could! You are the best! Kind and humble! Thank you! God bless you!!!
Very helpful and thoughtful. Really listens to your problems and tries to see both sides.
She endured an hour talk with me.
Lovely and patient
She’s very sweet and I really enjoyed chatting with her!
Truly a pleasure. Insightful, unhurried, wise. Every other listener on here should take a page out of her book.
Very informative and nice
Fradiga asks the right questions and is a very attentive listener
Lovely mother, caring and compassionate
Best listener ever
A very sweet understanding listener
Fradiga is absolutely amazing! She helped settle what was on my mind while also having a great personality to keep the conversation from being hard or stressful.
Lovely and she is such a supportive listener. Am glad I interacted with her.
So open minded and a great woman to talk to.
Happy to find her
i love her! very comforting and a good listener ❤️
Great wisdom, been through what I been through.
She's great with her words.
Amazing woman. I adore her. Thanks!
Very insightful.
Reminds me of my mom. Very caring and understanding. Gentle and kind also. 😁😁😁
she is very caring , you will feel like you are in your mothers cuddles
A relief a wonderful chat session.
Good and fast in responding
5 stars. Great listener.
Shes such a fabulous listener
She's very attentive and responsive. She knows how to listen and relate to the issues I had. It was great overall. thanks Fradiga !! :)
She’s really nice and cooper
She's comfortable to chat with
Very compassionate empathy. Thank you 🙏
The most caring listenet I had the pleasure to chat with. Sometimes you just click, and that's nice. Thank you. :)
Great chat! Real appreciate the perspective
She is very gentle to listen what you like to shared.
Enough good and nice listener. Thanks 😊
Lovely person, she is the best listener i have encountered on this site.
This is a nice listner I want to talk with.
Professional-like. Takes charge of the conversation, guides it, gives you all your space to talk, and it was so easy to talk about difficult things with her!
Very knowledgeable and wise.
Grateful to come across this wonderful listener.
She is sweet. She is helpful.
really great....
Just fantastic.
Very kind and understanding, caring Listener
Cool person to talk to to
Great awesome! She is so sweet!
She is really kind and sweet.
It was relieving to get some recognition for the grief I am experiencing. I was also grateful for the distraction Fradiga provided while we chatted about other things. Thank you.
She’s really a wonderful person
she was awesome and very helpful. a beautiful lady. :)
Very very nice and understanding
Just a lovely person to talk to. Good listener and respectful. I just enjoy talking to her :)
Fradgida has been super helpful and i really am thankful for her
Straightforward and engaged.
Really helpful, patient and kind. I never felt judged.
Apart from being a patient and compassionate listener, Fradiga is also a fun-loving person, talking to whom can brighten your day. She provides a comfortable environment for people to vent their hearts out. I hope she continues to be just as amazing as she is. ❤️
Great Support, Great Great Listener
Shes an amazing soul.
She is positive and full of life. She is an amazing listener!
Muy atenta a responder, sigue la conversacion de una forma fluida
she was very helpful and insightful. She was nonjudgemental and truly helped by listening and just allowing the conversation to flow.
Very warm and friendly person. Would like to have her as a friend :-)
Loved it! Awesome chat!
Hands down the best listener I came across. Very empathetic, kind and respectful, also made very good points and suggestions. I couldn't have asked for more, YOU ARE AMAZING!!!
Loved it! Awesome chat!
Will talk to you about anything
nice listener. very honest with what they know and what they dont.
Awesome sweet child !
Very helpful and caring
very very very helpfull
Super friendly, helpful, and open minded!!
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