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Welcome to 7 Cups. My name is Bob, and I would be honored if you would allow me to be your Listener for a while. I have done a lot of living in my 30-odd years of existence; and a lot of that living involved some rather harsh and painful obstacles. I've managed to sort through quite a bit, and come out on the other end a better person (at least I hope so!!). At one time or another, I've faced: an alcoholic and drug-addicted sibling, traumatic breakup from someone, being bullied in middle and high school, stresses that come from having a family torn apart by tragedy, a supremely stressful work environment, along with the depression, anxiety (plus panic disorder), and problems sleeping that you'd expect would result from having survived all these things. I've also been doing my best to cope with PTSD.  Obviously I am no expert...what I am is someone softhearted, intelligent, compassionate, affectionate, and honest. I am always more than happy to listen to others, and will do my very best to help you. Together, we can figure it out...together, we can help one another and learn from the experience of having shared a brief moment in time as confidants and friends. I hope you'll give me a chance to do that.
While I am happy to be here for whoever wishes to talk to me, please note that I am not currently accepting any new long-term Members.  A few chat sessions is fine, but I do not have the energy right now for anything long-term.  I will also not accept any chats about incest.  I've been lied to about that topic before and it just isn't worth it for me to risk.
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Feedback & Reviews
Cool guy and very willing to help. Very relatable and gives good advice. Thanks, Bob!
Good guy. Very empathic.
Very kind and empathic ; truly cares
GentlestGiant is really a nice listener. He is so helpful.
I really appreciate the support!
Gentle, patient, down to earth, kind, and respects my boundaries, shows integrity and i like how he only focuses on one person at a time, it makes me feel important and worthy.
Kind and wonderful to speak to. Very helpful and non judgmental!
Great listener!!!
He was amazing he really helped me out when I needed it the most. Thank you so much Bob I appreciate it more than you will ever know.
I guess he was one of the best listener i had the chance to talk to. he answered fast and the answers were strong opinions. I would come back and chat with him, every day. He was gentle, and understand me.
Keep on going! You are great!
I feel touched and inspired by him. I truly recommend him to anyone who has the luck to get to talk to him: Sincere, present, intelligent, caring, honest.

It is kind of soothing just knowing that people like him do exist - makes me fall back in love with humanity a little :)
He is compassionate and caring.
Very good
Bob is an amazing listener with a really big heart. He listened and supported me through the situation I was going through and made me feel heard and valued. He is a listener I would trust to go back to again and he remembers previous details from other chats. If you need to talk to someone who will truly listen with a nonjudgmental ear, Bob is your listener. :)
Cycled through ten or so livechats before just requesting to speak with GentlestGiant.

Very kind, very patient, and very understanding. I have to say that venting for a while helped out a lot, and hearing an outside perspective is always helpful. Thank you.
full of insight and wisdom. deff the kinda guy that can help break down things and help you understand.
So far he has really helped me, great listener and offers great advise
so helpful
Giant, I was in a terrible spot before I came across you. Within minutes you had stopped my tears. A few minutes later I was smiling. By the end I was laughing. I needed someone, anyone. But you are not anyone. You are an incredible and amazing human,
and if the universe had even ten more of you, the world would be a significantly better place. I wish I was more eloquent to properly thank you, but until then, Thank you :)
One of my new favorite listeners. With just a couple of simple responses, he's been able to brighten my mood!
Understood what outcome i was trying to achieve for ME. Felt like they really understood.
Fast response and considerate!
You're pretty awesome. Thanks for dealing with me, it was enjoyable.
He was amazing. He shared his own personal experiences with me, and it made me comfortable to open up to him. He is such a sweetheart. He genuinely cared about my wellbeing. And he successfully talked me through a panic attack. He was great. A+. I consider him my friend. :)
Very quick to reply and very eager to help. I am as excited as I can be to get started.
Fantastic guy to talk to.
he is a very good listener and i will recommend him 2 people thanks gentlest giant
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