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For some reason when I was around 22 something activated in me and I found myself on some spiritual path. Not sure why, I thought that kind of thing happens when youre older and made a ton of money or something. Instead I was young and just getting good at life aaaannd instead of partying with friends I found myself studying weird old books and learning about things people I knew don't like to talk about.

I want to say my journey is over, I left San Diego eight years ago and went on all sorts of adventures. Anyway I'm back home and basically everything's slowed down. No more action.

This year I decided to take a career change and so I went to take classes and I started Ubering. I didn't realize it at first, but I found myself really connecting with my passengers. I'm not sure what it is exactly, maybe because its so random, or simply you find yourself in the same car as strangers... but in those few short minutes I really felt like I was making a difference in peoples lives. That is really hard to say because theres no way to track it, I'll never see those people again and no one really knows anything happened.

Over the summer I was going to stop and start working again. Being a student and an Uber driver doesn't exactly pay my bills.. Instead of stopping, I decided to take advantage of the extra time to take other classes that I was simply interested in and support and attend meetups in my area.

Long story short, I ended up starting a business all as a student with barely any money. I have to say it was because of the connections I would get from the Uber drives. I learned this trick where if ever I needed clarity on something, I would simply engage the idea with others, with strangers. I'm not sure how to explain it but they would always end up giving me something to act on.

I'm actually pretty used to seeing these things after all, I've been used to being on some weird spiritual journey, my awareness was already tuned for thi stuff. A lot of it is about letting go and letting the answers come to you from any angle and not forcing things to come a certain way.

There was a point where I found myself writing and thats weird because I hate to write. When I got this thing fully moving it looked liked this: I would write and write until my head was numb, knowing I needed to get out-- I would uber. It was perfect because I could do it at any time of the day plus I would make money. The cool part was the stories I would get from my passengers. It's like one passenger would start talking about somehting I was writing about and the next passenger would continue. Some nights were very surreal.

Besides all that, here are some of my takeaways..

People need to speak out their thoughts and ideas. We can think of them, but unless we voice them out or engage in them physically, it doesn't really exist.

Once spoken or let out, these thoughts or ideas become part of this world. It changes situations and grants opportunities to go further. If its a really big idea that you normally wouldn't share, you find that its not just your idea, instead you find other people are working on that very same thing.

A simple way it changes reality is with our own personal little thoughts. By speaking it, its like it becomes that much more tangible and you are then able to take a look at it. I found many of my passengers speaking and talking as if they were question what they were saying. What I saw was a sorting out or organizing of thoughts as the thoughts were spoken and often I would return it back to them.

I understood that similar to how I'm hearing their thoughts for the first time, they too are hearing their thoughts for the first time. Our thoughts we have in our head are not being heard by all of you. If anything its only being heard by that little part of us that tends to overthink things, worry about things out of our control, fret about events that are long passed or worse events that have yet to happen. This is the mind. Its the little worrier that spews out repetitive thoughts. And I can't really blame it, especially if we don't take the time to speak them out so the rest of ourselves can take a look. And even better, if we share it with someone different front us so we may gain a different perspective.

I believe we all know this is important. It's the reason why its easy to give advice to someone else but its often a lot more difficult when its currently happenning to us. I've long been aware of this and have surrendered to it. Because we are outside the situation, we can see things a lot clearer than when we are in it. Its why we need a different perspective. Not because we're not capable of figure it out. Its just physics. We are not free to move and look around to see a different view because we are busy dealing with IT. Its like having our hands tied and expecting ourselves to cut us free.

"You cannot fix a problem from a level in which it was made" . It goes something like that. I've used that all the time. Some Einstein quote. Find you're meaning of it and see how you can use that as a tool.

Like I said, I've started my own business. It's doing well I imagine but its early. I find that I've awakened a new way of acting for me. I try to take all my actions purposely and mindfully. I find I'm really into connection. I make it a point to get out there in person with people and try to support wherever I can. I find I also tend to get plenty of business from doing this.

One thing I'm working on is being or seeming more vulnerable. For much of my life I felt I had the need to keep a lot of things to myself and I've learned from a certain famous doctor that vulnerability is the key to intimacy and that is the missing connection that we are all missing. My addition to this formula is having high interest in people and an unending curiosity. Thats pretty much my secret to being able to engage with people. I find that I get so interested in what people are doing and so theyre often doing me a favor.
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