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GloriaD |
Listener - Scholar 3

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(Please read my entire profile before sending me a message, thank you)


Hello, Thank you for visiting my profile! I am Gloria, a graduate with a background in Psychology. I am an active verified listener here 😊 

Due to my past & present experiences and understanding of mental health & related topics, I will try my best to effectively listen to, help and support you in a compassionate and non-judgemental way. All chats are confidential and anonymous (as per the guidelines), so no need to worry, know that it is safe here 🌻

I am grateful to this wonderful community, I’ve learned a lot from my experiences here - and I hope you will like it here too ♥️

A bit more about me .... I enjoy books, movies, anime, games (mostly psychology and thriller) + listening to different genres of music + learning languages + singing and creating artwork 💛


  • 🟢 means I’m online, so feel free to text me, I’ll be able to chat with you.
  • 🟠 means I’m busy, with other things on 7 cups (eg. in a chat with other members, in group chats, etc.), but you can message me, I just might take time to reply.
  • 🔴 means I’m offline, so if you do send me a message and I don’t reply within that day, do message me again after about 2-3 days, since sometimes I might miss those messages. And if I still don’t reply, that means I have internet issues, or I’m away for a reason - but I’ll make sure to mention it here, if I know of it in advance 😊
  • I assure you that I’ll treat you well and respect you for who you are, so do keep in mind basic etiquette (polite, understanding, appropriate, respect for boundaries, etc.) while chatting 🌻
  • Do note, that I don’t take chats on topics like Sexual Health and Domestic Violence, for personal reasons. I hope you can find other listeners out here who can offer better support to you regarding these topics 🍁

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Feedback & Reviews
Best Listener ever!
Kind and very understanding
Best Listener ever!
Truly a great listener. Really:)) must recommended. She is a hidden gem of all other listeners.
This is the best Listener on the entire site. I definitely recommend this Listener to everyone else!
She’s kind and warm
Gloria is very professional, she check ups with you after and if needed she schedules appointment and listen carefully to you. She really helps you to make the right choice though conversation. Amazing listener and great chat. Thank you!
Best listener ever! Definitely would recommend!
One of the best listeners with which I ever have had the pleasure of speaking.
She is one of the most kindest and genuine person you will find here.. the amount of sheer kindness she has shown me in my tough times is immeasurable and beyond what i can thank her for. She showed up at scheduled times and she made sure to be there for me. I appreciate her alot.. as her name says she is definitely glory to the god. May she find all the happiness, peace and bliss in this world. Thankyou gloria once again- Fearless
I always love chatting with this Listener. This Listener is very understanding and caring.
Amazing listener, caring and supportive
Very kind and very helpful , keeps checking on me and ask me how im doing , very thoughtful and very caring , thank you so much
This is the most helpful listener I have met. Definitely recommend!
Gloria was a super kind and compassionate listener! She was helpful and understanding and offered to continue the conversation later if I needed to talk again. Awesome and kind!
So amazing snd great
It was really nice talking to her.
Good listener! Very helpful!
very lovely and kind. Helped me alot with my problems ,definitely recommend
Was so patient with me , took the time to understand me and was so caring and listened and responded beautifuly helped me greatly with my anxiety i am sooo grateful ! Thank you so much
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