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Listener - Exemplar 15

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Currently not accepting 1-on-1's.

¡Olé! Welcome to my profile. I will try to help you in any way I can; be it exploring thoughts, feelings and behaviours or casual talks and pun battles. I assure you, you'd be in a sticky situation. Currently working on: a platform for mental health support and information.

twin: @LilyBlossom21

Number of Ratings: 68
Number of Reviews: 22
Listens to Over 18
Languages English, Dutch
Listener Since Feb 7, 2016
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Gender Male
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Chats 4,135
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Feedback & Reviews
Was really greatful glue was able to chat to me, glue was kind and understanding which helped me feel less alone
Don't think I could have asked for anyone better to listen to my awkward rambles.
dEar Gluey, HAHAHA okay. Thank you for being such a wonderful and amazing human being you are. It's such a blessing to meet you, and I feel honored to be your friend, to be able to get to know you, and to have conversations with you. Your words have like a certain power to calm someone down and make someone feel better. Everyone who knows you, are blessed with receiving the energy you give. Keep being the amazing and lovely person you are, and always be yourself. Thank you so so so much for everything. Hou van je x
Glue is the best. One of my favorite people to talk to. He's funny and sweet and serious when he needs to be. I haven't felt so connected to who I was in a long time until I met glue. I don't think there is a way to thank him enough.
Glue is very nice and cheerful. Never laughed so hard.
Nice person
love my ooey-gluey
She is the only person who understood me completely. Even though she is my online friend and I haven't met her in real life but I could emotionally connect to her. And to be honest because of her I realized, that there are good people existing in this insensitive world. Thankyou so much dear. May God bless you and may you succeed in every step of your life. 😊😙😚
Fudging amazing person man
Awesome person, keep it up!! You're gonna save lots of lives, just by being you!
your voice is amazing just as you are
When I talk to Glue, I feel this happiness & calmness that no one else makes me feel, he always has a way to make my entire week, just simply by messaging him. His sense of humour too, puts me in tears, but he also has the power to make one go red. Bless his precious soul, we need way more people like you, you rare one of a kind hooman
He's so hardyharhar 'n amazin'.
Glue is an intelligent and genuine person, who understands that the best way to help is to listen and let emotions flow.
glue, you're my absolute favourite & i hope to keep brightening not only your nights, but your days as well. you deserve nothing but the best
Seriously the best person i know. This listener has literally changed my life and i can't explain in words how much he's helped me. He's been there with me through every ups and downs and always supported me no matter what. He has taught me so many things and i'm forever glad i got to meet a person as kind, loving, caring and funny as glue. I love you glue. Im glad we're friends
Made Me Laugh :)
He is the best!
lovely response rate!
He's awesome! Lifts weight off your shoulder. Really helpful! Thanks a lot!
Lijm is an fantastic listener , not only are they caring and not tacky. They stick around and help with all the messy situations . They care and keep everything held together . They are runny with words (like a liquid) and just make everything better . 199% would recommend to everyone , they are the pritt to the stick . The super to the glue and the blue to the tack . Prittany spears 💞 Brad pritt 💗 pritt Harrington thank you for everything
Honestly, I was in a really sticky* situation. I was stuck* and I didn't know how to get out of my situation. But then I met Glue. I realized that I was the one gluing* myself to my problems and letting them define me. Glue taught me that no matter how many layers of super glue* I use to stick* myself to my issues, there will always be some solution* to set me free. Thanks Glue, for sticking* with me during this rough time and making it smooth*. You're really elmeraculous*! Thank you!
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