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Hello! I'm glad you've found me on "7 Cups of Tea." I'm a trained active listener and I like to support people struggling with relationship issues, domestic violence, anxiety, depression, grief over the loss of a loved-one, and managing emotions. During the past thirty five years I have been employed in various capacities in the social services field. I've overcome a lot in life and would like to help by listening to you. If I'm online, then please feel free to start a chat. If I'm offline, send me a message so that we can set up a time to connect. I'm glad you are here!

Number of Ratings: 990
Number of Reviews: 317
Listens to Teens & Over 18
Languages English
Listener Since Jun 11, 2014
Last Active in last month
Gender Male
Progress Path Step 3,303
Cheers 324,658
People Helped 2,069
Chats 4,689
Group Support Chats 0
Listener Group Chats 3
Forum Posts 328
Forum Upvotes 440
Feedback & Reviews
Was nice to talk to someone and feel like a human being
Very good listener. Listened and validated my feelings. Thanks so much Harry.
Helped me so much. Very understanding
He listened and gave some good ideas to help
Very good experience. Made me feel better.
He was very helpful, answered all of my questions.
It was really good. Its weird considering this is my first listener, but I'm really enjoying it, and I think this app will really help me
Harry was really nice and tried his best to understand and listen to me, made me feel really good talking to him. THANKS HARRY!
Fantastic listener. Professional and uses really valid logic that helped me to see the right of things. Definitely Rec
He was kind and patient.
Harry is very kind and understanding. I felt better after talking with him. :)
Talking to him really helped me.I appreciate that conversation a lot
very nice. fast replies :)
Very good listener.
Really helpful listener
Thank you for listening.
It did help talking to somone
He made me feel really comfortable to share my feelings!
Very sweet and thoughtful. Knew how to communicate
Harry is a great listener. What little time we chatted it made me feel listened to.
Harry was a good listener. Attentive
He was a very nice person
I liked it HES nice
They were very helpful and understanding. They carefully listened to my situation. I recommend him
This was a very helpful chat, thank you.
he seems to be a good listener.
Great listener
Good listener! Thank you for your help.
great person awesome chat very helpful
He is very calm and sensible. He's a great person to talk to when you want to better articulate your thoughts and feelings
A great listener, I felt listened and helpled me open up. Thanks for that awesome chat!
Good listener ... and wise
Harry! Thank you so much. I’m in a very low place in my life right now. I felt heard and understood by you, and you cannot imagine how much that means to me. You are truly an amazing person, thanks for the help, I really appreciate it.
seems like a pro!
Nice good listener
Loved It! Awesome Chat!
Super helpful - felt I could be honest. Thank you :)
I like how he approached my problem. It made me feel much better to talk it out!
They are mature, attentive and try their best to understand the situation we are in. I highly appreciate their time and efforts.
He responds very fast. Asks questions that really help you open your eyes. Love the quickness.
Is understanding of what your are going through and allows you to really think about how you are feeling
Nice. Simple. Good listener
He was a big support, I will talk with him again
very helpful and responsive
Very understanding and listens carefully.
Whenever I need to talk about things, he has always been there to listen and help me figure out what I really am thinking and pushes me towards making my own solutiosn and goals. Thank you!
He is very good at helping you understand where the pain comes from and how to handle it
He was very helpful
Clear and concise. Good stuff.
Harry's amazing at getting people to open up about their true feelings. There was some deep stuff that I didn't even know that I thought about that came up in conversation with him.
Gave me some great advice on how to start overcoming the challenges I'm facing
Nice to talk to and responded fast
I really enjoyed talking with Harry53!! He always reassured me with helpful tips and facts. I really appreciate him!
hes so helpful and he really helped me feel better
He’s helping with a lot
10/10 would recommend.
I’m currently in a chat with Harry and he is easy to understand, very inquisitive, and quick to reply.
So counseling, thanks Harry for hearing me out
helped me feel better
He listened and helped me decide a few things, great listener and advice!
he is a good listener and a good person to talk to!:)
Very practical and good listener. Recommend highly
He’s very understanding and talks through what you are explaining to get a better idea. He is calming with his words and has a lot of empathy.
He's been great to talk with so far!
a very helpful and prompt listener
Good at active-listening techniques in general, like asking questions
good chat personal bias turned me away nothing else quite kind
He’s a great listener
Amazing listener.
Real cool calming dude, thanks harry :)
Very helpful! Engaged in a normal conversation and helped me calm down whilst i was in panic mode
Good good 💟 🌼🌹🍀🍀
He truly helped. Amazing listener. Highly suggest
He really understands a lot about situations you're going through. Best chatter ever
Talking to him made me feel a little better already
He’s very nice! ;)
Very patient and asked the right questions.
Loved it! Awesome chat!
He was absolutely caring!
he can keep the conversation going while helping alot
Harry53 was very helpful
He is really helping me get things off my chest that needed to be said
I could tell when talking to Harry that he has experience in this field. He was very professional and helpful, he listened to what I had to say and gently counteracted my negative ideas with more positive ones. He was very helpful and I enjoyed talking to him.
Helped a lot.
Speaking with Harry was very helpful. He's extremely insightful and I'm so glad to have spoken with him.
Very good
Best listener I have had so far. Listens to your situation, and really helps you navigate through it.
Harry53 this a best Listeners he help me with one thing and it change my life he know what to do he helpful and really kind
Responded quickly not like many other listeners. Very empathetic and understanding
Very helpful and efficent
Harry was kind and considerate. They helped me through a difficult time.
This person took their time to listen to me. This person is very helpful.
Very good.
Thank you for being such an awesome listener! I hope you have a great day. Keep on helping people :)
Great listener
It was easy to tell him what was going on.
Very helpful, good advice.
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Questions Answered
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February 27th, 2015 1:32am
How to tell someone you're depressed without saying it?
November 18th, 2017 12:27am
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August 1st, 2018 5:34am
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What does it mean when you get nervous for no reason?
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November 18th, 2017 12:21am
I feel extremely sick whenever I leave my house, what can I do?
November 18th, 2017 12:25am
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June 1st, 2017 1:38pm
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August 1st, 2018 5:10am
Whenever I go home, my parents treat me like a teenager again - how can I stop this from happening?
June 1st, 2017 1:27pm
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November 6th, 2014 5:17pm
My grandparent has dementia. How do I deal with this? What can I expect?
November 19th, 2014 3:01pm
How do I deal with the pressure my parents put on me to be who they want vs. who I am?
January 14th, 2015 6:49pm