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Number of Ratings: 196
Number of Reviews: 95
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Listener Since Jun 19, 2019
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Feedback & Reviews
Very kind and easy to talk to
A very warm, friendly and encoraging listener. Felt at ease to talk to him and he really helped me cheer up. Thank you very much!
He was real, genuine, and didn't seem to be reading from a script. It was a wonderful job on his part!
excellent job helped me with a lot of things that were going on
Really good listener. Helped me feel less alone.
Amazing listener! Very patient and kind. Made me feel very understood and helped me find some sense of peace in a very confusing and difficult situation.
good listener, patient and understanding
The listener is attentive and kind.
Helpful and courtesy
He was very attentive to my questions and understood me immediately. We connected so fast felt supernatural
Good love them
Very good at listening to the problems
Absolutely amazing!
Nice guy very helpful
Very kind. Very relatable.
Kind and responsive
a great listener
Pretty helpful! Nice conversation
Really knew how to make me comfortable and like I wasn't alone.
Really good listener. Doesn't make me question whether I am overreacting to stuff.
Very helpful
Listener is kind, attentive and understanding. They really put in the effort to understand the situation I was describing and shared their insights with me. I highly recommend them! Thank you!
They were kind and helpful.
Hawaii123 was very patience and warm to talk to! Keep it up!
Good listener,
Good listening and understanding!
It was amazing and freeing
This Listener was very helpful, responded quickly, and helped me sort out an anxiety issue I was having.
Was very patient and a good listener . Felt very good after talking
Thanks for being a great listener, asking questions, and letting me share my stories without feeling judged!
nice chat..i think the chat session was helpful in enabling me to vent out some of my frustrations and stress. Hawaii123 was very professional and nonjudgmental in trying to help me with my current crisis in life. Thank you so much.
Eric is an awesome listener, he really helped me put my mind at ease and helped relate.

Very helpful & kind
Very nice person. Really listens well, and asking the right questions. No judging and really tries to think with you in solutions instead of problems. Very friendly !
great listener! made me feel validated to feel the things I'm feeling
Eric is a good guy. Keep it up, man. Best of luck to you.
Great and easy to chat to x
Was very helpful in just listening to me and offering helpful tips
Extremely relatable and very supportive guy.
He was very kind and caring. :)
Good listener
He is a nice guy, polite.
Great listener, very compassionate
Good and nice listener. Gave me some good advices I didn't really think about. Clearer for me. Go talk with him!
Very empathetic fellow and a great sounding board. Many thanks again!
I feel that this person really cares. Thank you very much for helping me.
He is so nice and caring he gave me wonderful advice, hes the kind of person you want to talk to 😊
They were really nice, attentive, and humorous too. It made me feel better to have someone listen and make me laugh and relax at a joke. Thank you Hawaii123!
Gentle soul and a beautiful heart
Responsive and understanding. Also he has amazing patience. Helped me ease into the idea of chatting on this site by being kind, caring, and understanding. I feel much less nervous and anxious thanks to his help.
Best problem solver on 7 Cups!
He's pretty nice, and I felt like I was talking to a real person who cared. Good job
I felt like I had someone right there, truly listening, who cared about helping me find peace with my ordeal. Thank you Hawaii123
He is an amazing person. Just helped me with knowing that there are many more things in life othee then what I was more worried about. :)
thanks for listening
I look forward to chatting with Hawaii123 again. He was incredibly helpful and lifted my spirits during a day which I needed them lifted. He also gave me advice as to where to find information about meditation and sliding scale therapists.
Hrs great and inspiring
Thank you for making me feel better :)
keep the great job up
Talking with him was easy. I felt very comfortable sharing my problems. He made me see that I need to do whats best for me and to take care of myself not just others.
really nice person, felt like talking to someone who really understands.
Helped me start the day. Sounds simple, but it's not. I'm Thankful.
you are a very kind listener and your words were very wise and I appreciate the time you had taken to speak with me to help me through a very difficult time. thank you
Very kind & understanding. Guided me to an option for relief I hadn't strongly considered before, which is/was much appreciated.
I felt heard, and it was great.
I had a very low day. But I feel better. I don't know what I could say that would be more of a testament than that.
Good listener. Made me feel better through wise words and personal experience.
They listener was very honest and helpful. I am grateful I had an opportunity to speak with him. He helped me to gain some peace and clarity over my situation.
good to chat with someone that is closer to my age...
Very empathetic listener, willing to share some of their situation as well, talk a little about life in general. A good clarifying experience for me.
It was a good experience getting to know someone else. Every communication we make, teaches us a lesson. This taught me something too.
It was a good experience. I felt I was speaking to a sympathetic, calm and understanding person. Thank you.
He really helped me calm myself and slow down today.. I think I just really needed to be heard and he gave me a safe place. Thanks Hawaii123! :)
He seemed to actually listen to what I was saying and replied to where it wasn't awkward for me to continue. He also said some things that made it feel like he related to my problem and gave me helpful advice about that which he has experienced.
Thanks for talking to me
Great listener! Understands the tough times
Wonderful bloke.. He helped me with many things and gave the best advice I will carry with me for life. He was very wise and so kind, I wish him all the best and to enjoy every minute of his amazing life. Aloha mate.
Was lovely talking to him
Wonderfully helpful, easy to talk to and improved my mood greatly.
Hawaii123 really made me think with the simple questions that were asked. Writing helps me work out a problem and Hawaii123 asked the right questions to get that moving. Thanks!
hes a cool dude, really cares, has a lot of experience
Great suggestions on stress, wonderful listener :)
A good choice when you need to talk to someone you can think of as a peer.
This was my first time on 7 cups and I am very happy with this listener. He was kind, gave good advice, and asked professional questions.
Great listener is very knowledgeable to chat with I would really recommend for helping you and being self aware :)
Hawaii123 is a great listener I was feeling depressed and after talking with Hawaii123 i felt better. I would highly recommend this listener. Thank you Hawaii123 for your support it made me feel great after our chat.
Helped give me insight about my rough times by telling me about their own personal experiences. It meant a lot.
Really good chat. Very empathetic and lovely
Hawaii listened diligently and tried to help by giving suggestions of possible solutions.
Thanks my friend.
Very caring. Was able to relate. Great listener. Thank you!
very friendly and helpful :) thanks for listening!
I got some clarity on my situation
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