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Listener - Virtuoso 12

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5.0 star rating

You'll be okay. 

Number of Ratings: 301
Number of Reviews: 88
Listens to Teens & Over 18
Languages English, American Sign Language, Slovenian
Listener Since Aug 1, 2014
Last Active over 6 months ago
Gender Female
Progress Path Step 809
Cheers 212,506
People Helped 678
Chats 2,188
Group Support Chats 294
Listener Group Chats 62
Forum Posts 303
Forum Upvotes 245
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Feedback & Reviews
amazing. Loved talking to her
One of the best listener and great guider.
Lovely genuine person.
Awesome, she knew exactly what to say to make me feel better 10/10 listener ❤️
Shes kind and warm
Thank you for giving me a nice perspective.
Responsive and helped me through my problem. Great listener. Thank you.
she's really kind and sweet
amazing help ...felt more positive after this chat
Just super amazing!
She helped me a lot to realize what I can do for myself.
Very verynice
Really good listener, that is why she has so many reviews. Nice person as well, thanks.
Great listener, great answers, even greater person.
She is very patient and respectful. We get interrupted all the time due to my situation and she checks in when she's available and we talk then. She is very kind. I wish I had her as an in person friend
she was really nice and also helpful
the best
helped :)
thanks for listening
she's nice and so thoughtful!
ItsJustMekitty is very compassionate
very awesome and very sweet, so friendly and helpful
very fast response and available everytime 😊
She's so kind and i feel much better when she's her! :)
She seems very sweet
Kitty is awesome she is so empathetic and compassionate. Highly reccomended !
She is amazing and truly empathetic
Very welcoming and kind. Really positive attitude, she really lights up the room. Great person
She was amazingggg advice was good i love her mekitty all the way xx
wonderful person, always here to help. she really helped me put my prooblems in perspectve and made me realise the good things in life. would recoment to anyone.
great honest listener
Great listener! Helped me so much. She is very mature and open minded and so wise. Talking to her really made me feel accepted and normal. People like her are the reason life is worth living.
Lovely Slovenian girl, her language is hard but her heart is not! Gave me much of her time and really made me feel a lot better.
She's great!
She is nice
Lovley talking to you again Kitty, coming back to you feels like coming back home, to a warm hug of love and kindness, never change
I wanted a honest conversation, no beating around the bushes, no sugar coating and that's what i got, she was honest and very helpful, i loved talking to her, i wish you all the best Mekitty, you are the reason i still belive in good people
She's really nice and kind-hearted. 5 stars! she continued to follow up on me and, I really appreciated that, it made me feel like someone finally cares about me.. i'm pretty sure she's the only reason i'm still here and alive now.
really good listener. She listend to everything i had to say and made me feel a lot better about myself and my situation. Even if i only met het it felt like i was talking to an old friend or family member.
She was very helpful and took her time with me, even if my problem seemed unsolvable at first she helped me trough it and i feel soo much better now. I would recomend her to everyone.
Very empathetic and encouraging :)
Just amazing. Made me feel good about myself and seems like such a great person! 5/5
Says the right things that makes you dig deeper into the positive side of your situation. Thank you (:
She was very helpful, friendly, and empathetic towards my small, but nagging problem.
She is really sweet with the way she approaches your problem. I really enjoyed sharing my issues with her. I HIGHLY recommend you guys out here to connect with her. she is very accepting and caring and willing to listen to you about anything and help you through everything! This place requires more people like her She ROCKS !!!
She is so sweet and open
absolutly amazing with a heart full of love
great listener!
she's very nice and emphatic and attentive, she leanded a helpful ear and amazing encourigment worlds, i feel soo much better.
I really love this app. Its really helpful.
She's amazing
You are amazing
She's very nice 😊
ammazing! absolutly amazing, i dont think i've ever talked to such an awsome and kind person, like seriously, everything she says it's like a poem of angels, she's such a beautiful person and she is just so so so smart, and pleasant to talk to.
OH my god, she's such an amazing person. she's so openminded.I felt like an absolute outcast, and now after talking to her i know that being different is okay. she has so many beautiful words for people around her. she's like the absolute ray of sunshine. people like her are very rare. .
she really helped me today come to terms with not only my sexuality and gender, but also helped me decide to come out to my best friend and how. She made me realise that there is nothing wrong with being myself, and honest about it. Our conversation felt comfortable and it helped me get things off of my chest, i dont think i've ever felt so good about myself as i do now.
she was my first listener on this site. I was pleasantly surprised and really did get a great listener! she was extremely friendly and 100% understanding, making it really easy to feel comfortable and talk to her, like i've known her for years. Highly recommend her as she is an amazing listener. It's more like talking to a new and patient friend than a stranger!
Great listener and wonderful responses! Helped me out a lot with my situation :)
What an amazing and great Listener. This girl knew exactly how I was feeling and provided me with such powerful words full of widsom and kindness. she not only listened but made me walk away from the conversation feeling as though I had learned something and feelling happier as i'd been in a long long time.
She responded fast, help me felt better, and was professional and honest!
Really made me feel better. It helped that they were in the same situation I was.
i fucking love her. she is so profesional but at the same time helpful and shows emphaty with everything she says. it's like talking to a friend that i've known for years. thank you, really you helped me stay alive thank you. :)
Lovley person, beautiful in side and out. so amazingly inteliget i can't even put it in words. she is soo good at making you feel like nothing's wrong and it helped me a lot, she was always there when i needed her. Kiti thank you, you saved my life...more than once.
she is amazing, i love this girl. she helped me trough so many things and opend up my eyes to so many things. i look at my life in another light now. she is fucking awsome. the best listener i ever had!
Thank you. I really enjoyed talking to you and you really helped me a lot. Now this guilt feeling it's not so strong anymore. Take care of yourself and I hope we could talk again one day.
thank u
Kiti is so amazing. She really cares and will do anything in her power to help me and others. She is beautiful person inside and outside. I would give everything to have her in my life, to have her as a reall life frend. I can't tell you how thankful I am. You saved me from my self tonight. Thank you!
She is just amazing
Total sweetheart, amazing person/listener!
Awesome and kind listener who was a pleasure to talk to.
i want to cry. i want to meet her and hug her. i hope to have someone like you in real life. God bless you Kitty
Kitty is a really wise young woman. Even tho she's still Young she has so much wistom and always knows what to say to make me feel better. She's Lovley and really smart girl full of kindness!
Kitty is the most sympathetic sweetest girl that I've met in my life . Cheyenne x
Kitty is a very lovely lady and I'd defiantly chat to her anytime . She makes me feel very comfortable to talk to and gives me a safe place to talk ! She listens and just lets me take my time . And I'm really happy that there is people like kitty here for people struggling cause without people like kitty ! Everyone would be sad and happiness wouldn't excist
From Cheyenne
This girl rocks! :)
She help me so much!
seems very good
You are really a good listener, thank you, you really did help me.
Great listener, one of the best I have ever had! Thanks, you really did help me a lot.
youre so amazing thank you
Excellent listener
Great listener
For my first listener, they were very helpful
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