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HumanEars |
Listener - Supporter

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5.0 star rating

You deserve to be heard!

As a listener I chose my name HumanEars to express that;

Human = I am just another human with flaws and virtues trying to get by just like you.

Ears = I got 2 of them, that are willing to listen.

Here are a few other things about me;

I am a white woman, in her 40's from Canada. I operate from a lens of community building and social justice. If I am struggling to understand your perspective, I will do my best to ask questions the gain better perspective of where you are coming from. My chats tend to focus around empowerment, validation, outside the box thinking, human connection and finding liveable solutions. However, I recognize that sometimes an unbridled cathartic vent or rant, with zero expectation of growth or change, is the best thing for emotional relief. If I have warning, I certainly encourage this. I am 100% ok with unfiltered language when you are trying to make your words resonate with your feelings.

I don't keep set hours at 7cups yet. I can be found here randomly between the hours of 12pm (noon)- 8:30pm  (Pacific Standard Time). I try to only manage 1 chat at time, as I struggle with poor capacity for multi-tasking and am not super fast at typing. I also try to alot between 1-2 hours per chat to ensure a quality conversation and that we can explore your thoughts and feelings without being rushed. If I have less time, or am busy with someone else I will let you know when you send me your first message me. Alternately, if our schedules can't line up, I am completely comfortable with back and forthe offline messages at any time, if that is what works for you. 

* I can listen to you "just vent"
* I can help you unpack your feelings, look at them.
* I can ask prompting questions to assist you identifying problem solving answers.
* I can go through the 7 Cups self help guides with you and ask questions about your reflections.
* I can do follow ups if you have commited to a path, and want someone to tell about your progress and give you encouragement. 
* I can do check-ins asking about your basic self-care so that you can reflect on your own answers.
* I can discuss mindfulness exercises and listen to your reflection about their impacts on you.

* Loneliness
* Relationships / Breakups
* Family Stress
* Parenting
* Pre / Post Partum Depression
* Perinatal Mood Disorder
* Financial Stress 
* Work Stress
* School Stress
* Anxiety
* Depression
* Being Stuck
* Addiction
* Domestic Abuse
* Sexual Assault
* Trauma
* Grief / Bereavement / Loss 
* Eating Disorders
* Hospitalization / Institionalization
* Former Child in Adoptive / Foster Home 


- Part of what makes 7Cups a safe place, is that both you and I are anonymous. This is a place where you might be able to talk a little deeper without worry that you might see me in the community and be concerned that I might have a real world impact with your private information. Similarly, I keep my identifying personal information off 7cups chats too. That doesn't mean I won't share a little bit about myself or my experiences in our conversations. I understand that chatting involves a bit of give and take to build a fair and trusting dynamic. 
- Sexual conversations that are not directly related to abuse, assault, addiction, or very specifically related to another issue. If you approach me in an attempt to engage in sexting, you will be very disappointed as I am very "clinical" about how I talk about the details in such matters, only friendly as it pertains to someone emotions in relation to their genuine state, and very assertive about my boundaries.

- I am not comfortable with chats about Spirituality. I am agnostic. Which to me means I don't know faith, like someone who is connected with religion. If you are looking to work out an issue that is deeply spiritual, I will be lost and an ineffective listener. However, I am open-minded and can respect your religious values. So if you primary concern is something else, and spirituality is secondary in the matter at hand, I am reasonably comfortable as it being part of the conversation.

As a listener, your needs might not be adequately fulfilled from my service. If you need expert guidance from a therapist, please click here to review the list of therapist 7 Cups has to offer. 

If you are feeling suicidal and / or in crisis please click here to access the contact information of a crisis centre in your area who have people who are trained and can get you the help you need.

After our conversation, please take the time to either give a star rating and/or a review. I welcome all reviews, good, neutral, or bad as an opportunity to improve my skills. Thank you!

 Êtes-vous français?

J'accepte les discussions en français si le français est votre langue maternelle et que vous ne pouvez pas trouver un autre auditeur. Je comprends très bien le français écrit. Cependant, ma propre capacité à écrire en français est limitée. J'ai deux façons de contourner ce problème. Si vous comprenez l'anglais, je peux répondre à une vitesse assez normale en anglais. Ou, je peux répondre en français à un rythme plus lent et vous devrez être patient avec mon orthographe et ma grammaire. Merci de votre compréhension.

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Feedback & Reviews
Was very attentive, patient, understanding and really listened to me and offered helpful advice for things we discussed.
Wonderful listener. Good perspective.
HumanEars is super supportive with everything and very informative. I love chatting with them!!
Sometimes it's easy to feel like you're the only person in the world who feels the way you do-this person disproved that and I'm very thankful for the opportunity to talk to them
A great listener thanks so much
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