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Hello, I am duck. 

A few of the great friends i've made here:






"My favorite food is children" -EnigmaticPetrichor 2k16




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Feedback & Reviews
10/10 would speak again
boo 😛 I've known you for a really really really long time now and I probably don't say it enough but you are a freaking amazing human bean. I can't think of a single thing about me that you don't know and the support you have given me and continue to give me is incredible and I couldn't or would never want to ask for a better person to be able to call my friend. There's been lots of ups and downs over the past year (almost ish) we have known each other and I can genuinely say that I would not have been able to get through it without you and I am so so so so so insanely thankful to you. The kindness you give to others is so special and you make such a profound difference to the lives of so many people. I can blabber on about pretty much anything and It’s not a lot of times that I cant think of words to say, but when it comes to trying to express how much you mean to me and how amazing you are and I’m sure theres a lot of people who could do a much better job than me, but thank you so so so much Lauren you are such a special person and anybody who has the pleasure of getting to know you is immensely lucky. You deserve so much love because you give your all to helping others and that makes you a truly astounding person. I'm not sure if you've figured out who this is, but regardless, hope you read it at some point because it is so so so true and i hope you can know it and believe it too ❤️
good listener..
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I liked talking to you, you made me happy about life - Pirate
kind and adapting. *breathing a huge sigh of relief*
great person
Lauren is a sweetheart. She's very kind, respectful and thoughtful. I'm glad she helped me when I needed it
L was kind and understanding and asked the right amount of questions. I really needed this right now.
Always a big help, my number one go to listener
Here's to Lauren. I've held high regards for her ever since I met her. Although we didn't meet each other in the same circumstances as we're in now, it's awesome to see how well we've bonded. She'd stay up with me all night and all morning, even when I'd stay up until around 3:00AM, doing work. We haven't been talking to each other very long, Lauren, but you're awesome and I felt that it was my turn to say so. We've shared lots of things with each other and honestly you're probably one of the people I'm closest to on this site right now, and I really value that. So thanks for all of our times together, Lauren. And your singing is great, I don't know what you mean. x
ImL was a great listener. They were very relatable and were very kind and helpful. They sent me to great links that I will use daily.
Really nice and helpful. Would definitely have a follow up chat with.
They were incredibly insightful, and helped my understand what my problem was. Since they had gone through it, they had the experience to back it up. Took me from damn near crying to my usual state of even keel, which I can only accomplish through a good night's sleep.
it's really great to talk to someone who's really professional and kind in helping people. i can't say much but i know i really am thankful for everything to ImL. hopefully ImL will always get the very best in everything in life. because ImL truly deserve it. :)
A very kind person who is there for you. Very kind, and very thoughtful. I'm glad that i talked to you!!
Really helpful. They were in the middle of school but still found time to try and help me in between classes :)
ImL is really nice and will support you. You can talk to ImL and ImL will listen. ImL has problems like everyone else and will help you get through them and you can help ImL too!
they are extremely kind and thoughtful to my opinions. they respect everything I say
Incredibly good. I highly recommend.
She understood and had the correct responses for my situation
Truely great, love this little rainbow
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