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I am open to chat about about big things and even to talk about unicorns and rainbows. I talk about the deep and heavy but also the weird and exotic. <3 I say luv, loafly, beautiful, etc a lot so if you ever feel uncomfortable with that just tell me!!

          I'm K, and here is my story     

I have learned many things in my lifetime, and unfortunately many were at a very young age, but they have taught me a lot about how to care for people. I can recognize emotions and figure out who they are just by their body language or the way they speak, and it's helped me avoid many situations that would have put me in a bad place. And although I have struggled a lot in my short life of 17 years, I have learned that I am most happy when I help people. That's why or joined 7 cups. I hear from my members all the time that they are so happy and that they want to continue talking to me. A lot of them end up being my friend, and they give me a lot of joy. 

         I have a lot to learn and a lot more growing to do, and I know I'm going to do a lot of it too. The strength you all have inspires me to keep going in life and not give up. To pursue my dreams of wanting to travel the world and learn new things, see new cultures, learn about them and the people. It's always been my dream to go to Africa I've heard the waters are so blue you can see the ocean floor. And that you can meet just about every race in the world. But I don't know for sure unless I see it for myself. I want to empower people and dance all night. I want to go to festivals of every kind. And become a photographer and take trillions of pictures. Become a professional. 

A little more about me, I am 17 and my birthday is November 11. I'm about 5'6, I have blue eyes, and I love colored hair. I want piercings and tattoos. I love rap and emo music. My favorite colors are blue and black. I looove wolves. Hence the name. I have 5 sisters and two brothers, two dogs, ones a rat terrier named mia and the other is a golden retriever named Samson Sam for short, I have two guinea pigs one is golden brown and her name is butterscotch the other is black and her name is licorice. Mia is my baby, we've had her since I was 7. And I love music and food. I looove food. 

I have recently come back from a other tough journey. I went into it a fighter and came out a winner. I struggled with some new things and even when it seemed easy to let myself leave this beautiful earth, I remembered how much I love to be here and how much I would miss my life. And I chose to keep fighting. I love my life even though it's hard still. 

I am open to chat about random stuff or things you are having issues with, I will not be able to always answer right away, but I'm here for you, and will answer as soon as possible. 





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Feedback & Reviews
Very caring listener
She's a great listener, I feel comfortable with her
Great at listening. Very kind and friendly, let me know I wasn't alone. :)
I felt like I made a real friend by the time we stopped talking.
She was there for me, even when I wasn't there for myself.
She is super sweet and understood what I was going through EXTREMLY well.
Super accepting and friendly. Cheered me right up
Great person
She's pretty great
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